Reasons Why Rachel and Joey Are The Best Couple


Since the time we have been watching FRIENDS a lot of people think that maybe Ross and Rachel aren’t that great together. We can’t stop wondering how different it would have been and also so much better if Rachel and Joey would have been a couple and how they would have been the best couple on the show. Today we give five reasons as to why Rachel and Joey would have been a better couple. [Best Joey Chandler Moments On FRIENDS]Rachel and Joey

1. Rachel Was Never Too Inclined Towards Ross:

From the very beginning of the show, we all could see it clearly that she was never really inclined towards Ross. We could see how she used to ignore him most of the time and didn’t care much about what he had to say, even when Ross used to take really good care of her.

2. Joey Always Understood Her Better:

When it comes to Joey and Rachel, he not only understood her but also acted as a mediator between Rachel and Ross. Undoubtedly, he knew her way better than Ross did. They had a connection that turned out to be even better than Monica and Chandler.

3. It’s A Big Deal He Fell In Love With Rachel When She Was Pregnant:

We all know how Joey was kind of a Casanova and was usually stuck with his liking for superficial beauty. So, when Joey and Rachel fell for each other while she was pregnant it really was a big deal and that showed how much real and genuine his affection for Rachel was.

4. He Was More Mature Than Ross:

A lot of people might not agree to this, but although both had real feelings for Rachel, Joey handled being rejected by her way more maturely than Ross and understood her point of view. When she explains Joey that they are better off as friends and does not return his affection he does get a little upset but soon they make up. Rachel and Joey made sure whatever their feelings might be for each other they won’t lose each other as friends. That’s a pretty mature thing to do.

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5. They Would Have Been A Couple If Would’ve Given More Time:

Finally, Rachel and Joey would have ended up together if the scene of Ross and Rachel would not have been shown for so many seasons. People just wanted to see them together and thus it was made that way. But maybe if the relationship of Rachel and Joey would have been given so much of focus, clearly they would have been the better couple.

Rachel and Joey

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So, what do you think about Rachel and Joey as a couple? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. There was no way that Rachel should have ended up with Ross. Rachel and Joey had so much better chemistry, and they would have had a great foundation of friendship to build on, rather than the co-dependent relationship where Ross made Rachel miserable.

    Ross is a nice guy, but he really just loses it around Rachel. Perhaps it’s just over-inflated infatuation that went on too long, but he missed his chance and should have bowed out gracefully. Well, that and he perpetually compromises himself with Coffee Girl and Charlie.

    Joey would have been much better suited for Rachel. And Monica and Chandler really did it right. Friends first, then romantic partners.