Sexual harassment at workplace is not new in India and the rest of the world. It has been there since forever, but with the kind of empowerment that social media has given to women these days – they have started opening up more often. The recent case of sexual harassment at TVF has brought this issue to everyone’s attention once again and showed the world how difficult it is for women to work and try to make a name for themselves.

Recently, a short film titled “HER – LET THE VOICE BE YOURS” was released on the occasion of Women’s Day. In case you have not already watched the movie, please spend a few minutes of your time here and know how to handle any inappropriate stare, touch or comment next time when someone tries to harass you at your workplace.

Sexual harassment at workplace is real. Rather than trying to avoid it, make sure you fight back and make him realize that you are a living being and not a chicken served on his dinner plate.

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