8 Reasons Why Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory is The Worst Character Ever


The extremely successful sitcom, The Big Bang Theory has been running for years now and is widely considered as one of the most popular shows worldwide. From a show that revolves around a socially anxious bunch of scientists, TBBT has come a long way. Bazinga! This one phrase would throw millions of fans into fits of laughter and  TBBT would still manage to hold on to its audience because of that one character. Jim Parsons provided us a unique a protagonist and fans quickly warmed up to the idea of an eccentric ‘nerdy’ character.

A comedy can sometimes have characters doing dislikeable things or even being dislikeable people while still being funny and enjoyable to watch. Jim Parsons is a brilliant actor and I can’t really fault his performance. In the First years Sheldon was sometimes really funny, his peculiarities were cute, and he had absolutely no idea about real life. But Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory is still the worst character ever. Let us take a look why.

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Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory

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  1. He was the star of the show, a loveable irritation for the ever-expanding main group. However, things changed and as the series progressed, Sheldon lost the ‘loveable’ from his description while his ‘irritation’ factor increased.
  2. He demands everything to be done for him and offers nothing in return.
  3. Sheldon Cooper may be one of the funniest fictional characters on TV today but he also has one of the most dysfunctional friendships with his colleague and roommate, Leonard Hofstadter.
  4. Sheldon is obsessive compulsive and lacks social skills, humility and empathy all while showcasing narcissistic behavior.   
  5. It is hard for him to even pretend like he is happy for someone else.
  6. Sheldon’s character is slowly adapting and that has paved the way for some interesting new moments, but overall his general personality is far too stale for him to remain amusing.
  7. Sheldon Cooper is the roommate of nightmares. Place yourself into Leonard’s slippers and imagine what life would be like living by his tight schedule.
  8. He barely gave Amy any attention during their entire initial relationship. It stagnated for years without any real sign of feelings from his side, despite everything she did for him. Amy would do anything for Sheldon, but the favor was only ever returned in tiny doses, reluctantly, without any sincerity. He doesn’t deserve her.

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Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory

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So, what do think of the above reasons? Do you think Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory is the worst character? Let us know in the comments below.

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