Sheldon proposes to Amy on The Big Bang Theory: 8 Reasons why Amy should reject him


As we all know, in The Big Bang Theory Season 10 finale, Amy left to spend three months teaching at Princeton. That left Sheldon alone in the apartment they share to fend for himself for the first time. Bored, Sheldon begins spending time with Dr. Ramona Nowitzki who returns to the university at the same time. Sheldon, when pointed out by his friends about Ramona’s interest in him winds up asking her if she’s interested in him. Much to his surprise, Ramona immediately responds by kissing him on the lips. Shocked, Sheldon gets in a taxi, goes to the airport, buys a plane ticket and flies across the country to meet Amy. Amy opens the door to find Sheldon on a knee, holding the ring he’s had since the season eight finale and. Sheldon proposes to Amy.

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Sheldon proposes to Amy

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Since it ended on a cliffhanger, viewers can’t help but make speculations about what Amy’s reaction will be. Here is a list of reasons why Amy should reject Sheldon’s proposal.

  1. The fact that Sheldon proposes to Amy after another woman kissed him is a big bummer. He couldn’t realize on his own how much Amy meant to him. The fact that he needed a push from almost a stranger to commit to Amy is an indication that this proposal was an impulsive decision made out of fear and discomfort.
  2. He demands everything to be done for him and offers nothing in return.
  3. Sheldon is obsessive compulsive and lacks social skills, humility and empathy all while showcasing narcissistic behavior.
  4. Considering how slow Amy and Sheldon’s relationship has moved — they moved in together this season — this is moving pretty quick for Sheldon. Maybe it was too soon for him to propose.
  5. As we have learned from previous seasons, it is hard for him to even pretend like he is happy for Amy when she achieves something.
  6. He barely gave Amy any attention during their entire initial relationship.
  7. Their relationship stagnated for years without any real sign of feelings from his side, despite everything Amy did for him. It all seemed one sided.
  8. Amy would do anything for Sheldon, but the favor was only ever returned in tiny doses, reluctantly, without any sincerity.

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Sheldon proposes to Amy

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So, why do you think Sheldon proposes to Amy? Will she say yes? Let us know in the comments below.

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