Shocking Batman movie mistakes you should look at right away (1989)


Batman is an American superhero movie directed by Tim Burton and produced by Jon Peters. It is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. However, there are a few mistakes in the first installment of Warner Bros’ initial Batman film series that is Batman 1989. So, let us take a look at 12 shocking Batman movie mistakes (1989).

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Batman movie mistakes

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  1. While Vicky is talking to Bruce at the Batcave she has some tears on her face which disappear between shots.
  2. After electrocuting the guy at the end of the table in the crime-bosses scene, Joker clearly tries to put the scarf into his chest pocket but fails and lowers his hand while still holding it. But in the next shot, the scarf is perfectly in place.
  3. Knox is thrown from the hood of Vicki’s car into a pile of garbage. He cries “No, no, no.” His line is obviously dubbed, as his cries continue briefly after he has already landed in the garbage.
  4. When Joker is being lifted by the helicopter at the end the lines from the safety harnesses that attach him to the ladder are briefly visible.
  5. Vicky Vale’s first name is V-I-C-K-I in the credits. On the cover of the magazine, it’s spelled V-I-C-K-Y. Now that is one of the huge Batman movie mistakes ever!
  6. As Vicki waits at the museum cafeteria, you can see “FLUEGELHEIM Museum” is printed on the menu on her table. But when she escapes with Batman, the sign at the front entrance of the building says “FLUGELHEIM Museum”.
  7. In the scene where Joker smashes a mirror on the surgical instrument table, a large fragment breaks off and hits the floor. That fragment somehow appears on the tabletop seconds later.Batman movie mistakesAlso read: Mistakes In Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire Movie That Went Unnoticed
  8. When Batman initially fires the rope around Joker’s ankle at the end, the rope only goes around the statue’s legs. The next time we see it, it has somehow re-tied itself and is now looped around the statue’s backside.Batman movie mistakesAlso read: Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Movie Mistakes That Went Unnoticed
  9. When the Batjet crashes, if you pay close attention to the scale of the jet, cars, and buildings in relation to the scale of the fire and explosions, it is very clear that this scene was created with models.
  10. In the scene where Vicki introduces herself to Knox at Gotham Globe, the newspaper she’s reading changes between shots.Batman movie mistakes
  11. At the beginning when both muggers are about to be jumped by Batman, one of them lights a cigarette and reassures his buddy that there’s nothing to be afraid of. But while he’s talking, a load of cash in his right hand vanishes between shots.
  12. When Mayor Borg urges Harvey Dent to do something about the Joker’s Smylex scare, a phone rings. As Dent goes to answer it, the cigar in his right-hand jumps to his mouth between frames.

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So, are you shocked? Or did you already notice some of these Batman movie mistakes before? Let us know in the comments below.

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