Shocking Facts About Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper of TBBT)


The famous Dr. Sheldon Cooper is the favorite character of most of the TBBT fans. Jim Parsons put in more than a decade paying his dues before he finally became a household name. This includes a few ill-fated pilots and many guest appearances on several networks. Let us take a look at some rarely known facts about Jim Parsons.

facts about Jim Parsons1. His name is James Joseph Parsons.

2. Jim Parsons is 6’2 tall. You can check Jim Parsons Instagram to check his pics.

3. Like Sheldon, Jim Parsons was also born in Texas.

4. His nickname is Jimmy Pea.

5. Chuck Lorre, producer, and writer of The Big Bang Theory was so impressed by Jim’s audition for Sheldon’s part that he thought it was a fluke. He invited him back for a second audition to see if he could replicate his excellent performance. It’s one of the rarely known facts about Jim Parsons till date.

6. Jim Parsons’s wax statue is at Madame Tussauds in Orlando. It took a lot more than 250 precise measurements to make it as close to the real Jim as possible.

7. One of the first things Jim Parson’s purchased with his paycheck from TBBT was a house in Los Feliz, CA. He has upgraded to a new Los Feliz pad that once belonged to the sexy actor who played a well-known vampire named Edward Cullen.

8. He can’t whistle. One of those facts about Jim Parsons that even he doesn’t want to remember.

9. Another one of the less known facts about Jim Parsons is that he has always had a keen interest in music and took piano lessons for 14 years. Many times, people can have a glimpse of his love for music on Jim Parsons Instagram account.

10. The next less known fact is related to Jim Parsons movies and tv shows. So far, Jim Parsons has not seen even a single Episode of Star Trek; even though Sheldon constantly talks about it on the show.

11. He Is the Most Nervous Actor On the set of The Big Bang Theory.

12. When it comes to Jim Parsons movies and tv shows, you must know that ‘American Idol’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ are his favorite shows.

13. He was in a Quiznos commercial.

14. His favorite character on TBBT is Penny.

15. Jim was voted the friendliest in his high school graduating class.

16. There is not much written about Jim Parsons partner, but it’s said that he is good friends with co-stars Simon Helberg and Kaley Cuoco.

17. Jim Parsons net worth is about $28 million.

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So, I guess now you know Sheldon Cooper as Jim Parsons! Which of these facts about Jim Parsons shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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