Most Shocking Pretty Little Liars Theory: Wren is AD


Pretty Little Liars fans have long suspect Wren of being involved with A. Though he has been fairly M.I.A. on Pretty Little Liars in recent seasons, his name is often dropped by the show since he had been at the wrong places at the wrong time. Maybe, he is mentioned so that fans don’t forget this sketchy character.

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Let us take a look at this Pretty Little Liars Theory: Wren is AD.

  1. AD took over the game in season 3 according to Marlene King. This was the same time Mona was in Radley, and Wren was volunteering there. It’s crazy that we didn’t think of this, but this was the time Mona confided in wren and told him a lot of secrets. Maybe she told him about being A, or maybe he knew and took over the game then.
  2. Marlene King said that A is someone we’ve seen a lot in the past and that this person has been in the pilot. Maybe Wren is AD.
  3. Dr. Rollins revealed that he’s English and so is Wren. He had a close relationship with Charlotte — such a strong relationship that he chose to take Charlotte’s side over his girlfriend Melissa’s.   
  4. A, one time wrote, “nosey bitches die -A”. PLL is an American show, and Americans write it as “nosy”. Britishers write it as “nosey”.Wren is AD
  5. He is one of the few who has been around since the beginning and seemingly with very little reason. He showed up as Melissa’s fiancé just after Alison’s body was found.
  6. He was the one who actually made a move on Spencer. She was the smart one. Maybe he wanted to track the liars this way. 
  7. Ali said that A was all around, and Spencer of all people should know. Wren and Spencer were a couple once. Wren was around Spencer the most out of the liars.
  8. Julian Morris posted a picture of himself on social media, with a mask Mold made on his face. He never said that this was for PLL, but it makes a lot of sense.Wren is AD
  9. Eddie Lamb was always suspicious of Wren. “After he and Wren got into a heated argument, Eddie mysteriously disappeared before he could talk to the girls. Maybe, he knew too much.Wren is AD
  10. This is a crazy one- in 5×19 Aria had a problem in her maths test which was solve A. People solved it and the answer came out to be W R E N.
  11. Wren and Charles have the same poster. Wren has a poster that says “love thy neighbor”, and that same poster is hanging in the dollhouse. Crazy coincidence?Wren is AD

So, what do you think of this Pretty Little Liars Theory: Wren is AD? Let us know in the comments below.

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