Taylor Swift Breakup Makeover & What You Can Learn From It


Everyone has their own way to deal with a breakup. Some yell and make a fuss about how miserable their life has become, while some sulk in solitary. But Taylor Swift has shown us a whole new, weird, yet wonderful way of handling a breakup. Yes, we know she sings songs about her breakups and gives us some amazing hits. But there is more to it. With every breakup and starting a new relationship, we see a stunning transformation of her look. All in all, Taylor Swift breakup makeover is the best thing you can know about-

Taylor Swift breakup makeoverTylor Swift’s most striking breakover (or rather call it Taylor Swift breakup makeover) was with Harry Styles. We have always seen her adopt a new look post any breakup. She dressed relatively simple throughout the relationship, but as soon as it was over she somehow started wearing shorter hemlines and plunging necklines. This breakup makeover of Taylor Swift was startling for some fans, but it proved just how versatile her style could be. Her signature red lip added to the charm.

Taylor Swift breakup makeoverEventually, she entered into her longest relationship with Calvin Harris, which brought about a whole new look. Before Swift embarked on her 15-month relationship with the Scottish DJ, she was just starting to embrace the sleeker styles of New York City. But then she entered into a relationship with the Scottish DJ, which brought about a whole new T.Swift. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Taylor Swift breakup makeover has worked pretty well for many of her fans who are left disheartened and hopeless after their breakups.

After DJ, She chopped off her locks, bleached her hair, hosted the Met Gala, and started wearing a lot more of black.  Of course, the hair bleaching came towards the end as part of a Vogue photo shoot, but she kept it for a little while after the split.

Eventually, she made her way back to brunette and grew her hair down to her shoulders. Another Taylor Swift breakup makeover that amazed all her fans.

Taylor Swift breakup makeoverShe didn’t stay single for long. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston garnered everyone’s attention soon after they came together. This relationship transformed her style once again, rocking a signature crop top and skirt look, but slowly & surely she has returned to a look we’ve seen a lot before- knit sweaters, pants, and very floral sundresses. She often paired those types of outfits with crocheted hats or a simple ponytail.

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As quickly as the relationship came to be, it ended. And of course, with the end of the relationship came the end of another style and start of another Taylor Swift breakup makeover. She quickly started dressing chic in skin-tight outfits, miniskirts, knee-high boots and more.

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Fashion trends change with every season, but if there’s one thing that’s certain-  it’s Taylor Swift breakup makeover. As they say – Taylor Swift never goes out of style! Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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