3 Things Ted and Robin Should Have Learnt From Marshall and Lily In HIMYM


Maybe the ending that we wanted for “How I Met Your Mother” wasn’t what we had wished for, but the series was fun to watch and had made us love the characters in it. Since the characters spent so much time with each other, there are certain things Ted and Robin should have learned from Marshall and lily. Here are they:ted and robin

1. Compromising for relationships:

Marshall How I Met Your Mother always used to say that sometimes you just have to set your ego aside, and that is true. Marshall and Lily disagreed on many things from time to time, but they would make up in the end as their relationship had always been their priority in life. They believed in the fact that it is not always about winning and a small compromise would go a long way.

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On the other hand, it was not the same for Ted and Robin. Robin did not make her relationships her priorities. A person can be successful in his or her career as well as have a good love life.

2. Relationships require work:

Marshall and Lily made us believe in true Love, but they also had gone through a lot in the nine long years together. Both Lily and Marshall had gotten engaged and broken up. Then they got back together, got married and had a baby. They faced ups and downs but always had each other on their top priority which Ted and Robin never did.

They also used to disagree a lot. But even after all that they always stood up for each other and were there for each other. They were always willing to put the effort into the relationship to work.

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Now coming to Ted and Robin, we all know that even the slightest arguments led them to part ways with each other again and again. If only both Robin and Ted communicated well with each other just like Lily and Marshall did, things would have been so much better.

3. Trust makes relationships work:

All throughout the series, we had never seen Marshall and Lily cheat on each other at any given point of time in their relationships. The couple trusted each other and was always more than happy to share pretty much anything and everything with each other.

This always kept them connected and in sync. But when it comes to Robin and Ted we could see there were some issues, like when Ted Mosby was with Victoria in a long distance relationship, Robin wanted Ted to come over her house and Ted lied to Robin saying he had broken up with Victoria. The relationship was built on a faulty foundation.

It wasn’t the only instance when Ted How I Met Your Mother hadn’t lived up to Robin’s expectations. Only trust can keep relationships intact; unfortunately, Robin How I Met your mother wasn’t blessed with a partner who could be trusted.

ted and robin

So maybe if Ted and Robin would have learned these things from Marshall and Lily it would have been so much better and we would have loved to see them together for a longer time, than with anyone else.