12 Strong Facts Proving Why Ted Is The Worst HIMYM Character


Now you might be asking “How can you hate Ted Mosby when you are a How I Met Your Mother fan? He’s just looking for love in the big city. Isn’t that something we all aspire for?” Sure finding love is a worthy cause. He is an excellent actor and meshes well with a star-studded cast. But as compared to Barney and Marshall who are adorable, Ted is not even bearable. Here are some of the facts that make him the worst HIMYM character –

worst HIMYM character

1. Ted Mosby’s entire character is just sitting on a windy beach at dusk staring at the ocean’s waves, where his date never met him. It really gets boring sometimes.

2. “I’m in Love with You” on the 1st Date is Creepy and desperate. How can he fall in love with a girl he barely knows?

3. One woman, Ted broke up in a humiliating manner on her birthday, started dating again because of a damn SWEATER and then dumped again on her birthday because according to him she wasn’t the one! Thankfully he got his share of beating for that.

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4. He is a home wrecker. Zoey left her husband to start dating Ted only to have him throw her under the bus for a promotion. But that doesn’t change the fact that Ted went out with a married woman.

5. He’s not even remotely funny. Why can’t we just send Ted to a work camp with Ross from Friends so that they both these whiney creatures actually have something to complain about for a change?

6. He is super whiney! I get that your life is terrible, but do you really have to interrupt the hilarious hijinks of the rest of the gang continuously by complaining all the time?

7. He also drove Victoria with wedding jitters straight PAST the chapel where she was to be married. And he didn’t even stick with her. In fact, he even cheated on her with Robin.

8. He fell for his stalker! She stalked him and STARTED A FIRE just to run into him. This woman destroying his apartment makes Ted realize that he should stop dating random bimbos and actually look for a wife.

9. Remember the time when he asked for the help of a matchmaker? He actually hit on an engaged woman. Terrible, Ted. Another reason why you’re the worst HIMYM character.

10. He does “The Naked Man” instead of getting to know Vicky. Not liking Pablo Neruda doesn’t make her a bad person. Such a pretentious douche he is!

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11. Who tells their kids stories about their sex life? Remember the time he was telling the story about Lily’s bridal shower and the toy Robin gifted her? I mean, what kind of a sick freak narrates something like this to his kids?

12. Years having gone by or not; you don’t completely forget someone you met and went on a date with and kissed on a rooftop. He went on a date with Jen for the second time and didn’t even realize that they have dated before! Another reason making him the worst HIMYM character ever.

worst HIMYM characterThank you, Ted, for teaching us that even if we make terrible life choices and decisions, pathetically and obsessively profess our feelings and act like a pretentious douche, there’s still hope for a soulmate.

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What do you think about this character? Do you think he’s the worst HIMYM character? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. All the bad things you’re telling about Ted Mosby here….is a lie.This information’s are not complete. No matter what you say….We love Ted Mosby as a character.

  2. U know what u r missing something completely.. . U douche..!!! … don’t u remember he was a ” DESPERATE N HOPELESS” lover !!! As he considered most of d chics as ” the 1 ” !!!! Even ven he proposed robin in d very 1st meeting …. dat too was just his ” innocent desperation” of finding his ” the 1″ which was quite ok …as well .😠So all ur bullshit which u just wrote/said above is pathetic !! 😒

  3. This is not okay. Ted Mosby is the most lovable character I’ve ever seen. All those things you said above may be true (although some of them are a bit incomplete, just to serve your purpose -which is to make him look bad-), but don’t forget that all people make mistakes just like he does. It’s not only the mistakes you make that define you as a person, but other aspects of your character too, like being able to express your fellings, be compassionate and loving and kind etc. And Ted has all of them. I believe that the producers didn’t want to make a “perfect” character, but a real person. Now, if you believe that everyone has to be perfect, then this is your problem.
    Sorry for any possible mistakes. English is not my mother tongue 🙂

  4. You’re forgetting that he is sociopath. How many women did Ted date? They literally made a game called “name that bitch.” He Talented Mr Ripley’s these girls by pretending he’s into whatever their into, because, “she’s really hot, okay?” Only to dump them days later because they have nothing in common. Imagine this parade of girls not having a clue who he is. He treats them like disposable garbage. And then goes back! He keeps calling Tracy, despite breaking up with her on her birthday. Twice. This guy has only ever been an asshole to her and he keeps hoping she’s cooled off. It’s not her, it’s you, bro.

    And it’s no wonder because his best friends are the one ex he was ever honest with and harboring feelings for, a guy who he met at a urinal trying out shitty lies to tell women, and a blissfull couple so out of normalcy they think it’s all just funny.

    I’m willing to bet he married Tracy, had two kids, and waited till they were self sufficient just so he could run the long con on Robin.