The Fall Of The Night King: Dragon Glass Won’t Work On Him


Just as we started to move on from Hodor’s painful death, one of the saddest and most terrifying moments happened in Game Of Thrones S07E06. Dragon lovers were heartbroken when the night king aimed his ice spear at Viserion and he crashed down on the ice. The moment that happened, one thing was certain. Again, one of the most important and fan-favorite characters died a terrible death, something for which the show has become quite famous over the past few years (RIP Starks). It was really heartbreaking and brutal. But since GOT Season 7 was going quite smoothly without any fan-favorite deaths, fans were long overdue for such a big loss.

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Many speculations have been made that the night king will ride on an ice dragon during the great war to come. After Dany’s most fierce dragon’s devastating death and of course, reincarnation as a blue eyed monster it has been confirmed that this ice dragon is going to be a sure thing. Since the night king now has the biggest advantage ever, it is even more necessary than ever to put an end to him. But the biggest question is how can the night king be killed?the night king

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History Of The Night King:

The night king was the 13th lord commander of the Night Watch. Once, he brought a woman who was a white walker. He fell in love with her, married her and “ruled” the Night Watch for 13 years. He was killed after the king beyond the wall marched from the north and Starks marched from the south defeating him. They also discovered that he was making human sacrifices to the other white walkers.

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How To Kill The Night King:the night king

Dragon Glass Won’t Work:

The leader of the army of white walkers, Night King, is also a white walker. And white walkers can be killed by dragon glass or valyrian steel. But I think it would be a great thing if he can’t be killed by dragon glass. That does make him more of a scary villain. The children of the forest created the first wight walker that is the night king by lodging dragon-glass into his heart. So, it makes sense that maybe dragon glass is dangerous for other wight walkers as a side effect.

Valyrian Steel:the night king

So, if we rule out dragon glass, there is only one hope for putting an end to the big enemy- Valyrian Steel. As for now, very few characters own a Valyrian steel sword—that includes Brienne Of Tarth, Jaime Lannister, Jon Snow/Targaryen and Samwell Tarly. It is quite predictable that Jon Snow with the help of these fellows will drive a valyrian steel sword through the night king. That does make sense but is this George R.R. Martin’s way?

The Daggerthe night king

One of the recent events in GOT Season 7 suggests that Arya Stark now has possession of the Valyrian steel dagger that an assassin used in an attempt to kill Bran. Think about it. Why did GOT spend such a large amount of time in showing us that horrible internship of Arya with the many faced God? Bran giving the dagger to Arya, Arya’s new killer spirit- it all adds up! Maybe Bran saw in his vision that Arya is the one to put an end to the upcoming war and the dagger was the only way to do it.

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So, what do you think is the way to defeat the night king? Let us know in the comments below.

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