The Originals Vs. Vampire Diaries: 7 Reasons Why The Originals Is Far Better Than The Vampire Diaries


We all have absolutely loved The Vampire Diaries but with time better shows are coming up and may give it a good competition. Here we are talking about nothing other than the brilliant TVD spinoff “The Originals.’ As far as the “The Originals Vs. Vampire Diaries” argument is concerned, here we give you seven reasons why “The Originals” is better than “The Vampire Diaries”.

The Originals Vs. Vampire Diaries: Which One Is Better?

The Originals Vs. Vampire Diaries

1. It’s all about Family: We all love family-themed programs don’t we? Although this is not the average family but still close enough. The Mikelsons are one big family; they do have their lighthearted moments as well. Whereas The Vampire Diaries was more about just teenagers and vamp bites.

2. It isn’t just about love triangles: The Vampire Diaries storyline revolved mainly around couples like Elena, Damon, and Stefan and how long the showrunners can keep the audiences hooked on it. The original is more about the rich history of the Originals and their beloved city New Orleans.

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3. The show is more mature: The Vampire Diaries seemed more like a teenage drama, showing kids who are trying to fit in the school or college. The Originals, on the other hand, has more focus on mature stories like struggles to claim on New Orleans.

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The Originals Vs. Vampire Diaries

4. The story is fresh: The Originals offers so many new things, it gives a chance to discover a new illusory world where the stakes and ethics are different altogether, unlike The Vampire Diaries where the love triangle is dragged for a really long time and the Mystic Falls costume party is showcased many times which all becomes repetitive and boring at some time. This is the perfect explanation for resolving the “The Originals Vs. Vampire Diaries” dilemma.

5. Its fun to watch The Mikelsons: Do we need to say anything more? It is a treat to watch Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah, maybe a little more than watching Elena, Damon and Stefan.

6. Lesser Doppelgangers: In Vampire Diaries, including doppelgangers, was indeed a great idea when it started but maybe was dragged a bit too much. The Originals is less complicated that way, what you see is what you get!

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7. Powerful villains: There is just no doubt about it that The originals showcased more powerful villains than the Vampire Diaries. Klaus is the ultimate villain in the show; in fact, he is the hero as well. Also, it is exciting to see if he can ever be transformed. Don’t we just love when a bad guy turns into a good guy?

The Originals Vs. Vampire DiariesSo these were our reasons as to why “The originals” is a better show than “The Vampire Diaries”. So, what is your opinion regarding The Originals Vs. Vampire Diaries? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I personally love TVD but TO is better fir a start nina ruined it by leaving the show that made her even tho it got better after she left but the origionals offer ao much more ut again I LOVE BOTH.

    • I have tried watching Vampire Diaries and I can’t get past episode one without sleeping. With the originals I was hooked like a bad drug. i pulled an “The originals” marathon and even took leave just to see till latest episode.
      Tried watching Vampire Diaries again and still slept before episode one was through

  2. It was the same way for me. Keep watching it trust me you will never sleep while watching that show again. It is amazing. So much drama!! AMAZIN!! trust me watch it!