The Perfectionists: Are “Alison And Emily” Getting A Divorce?


As most PLL fans probably know that a PLL spinoff- The Perfectionists is on the way. It is based on the famous novel of the same name by Sara Shepard. Mystery and teens getting into trouble is something that all PLL fans are very familiar with. Janel Parrish and Sasha Pieterse are known to reprise their roles as Mona Vanderwall and Alison Delaurentis respectively. “Pretty Little Liars was a cultural phenomenon so it’s no wonder fans wanted more. We can’t wait to continue Marlene King’s rich and revolutionary storytelling with a new crop of leading ladies from Beacon Heights who will hold just as many secrets and lies as Rosewood did,” said Karey Burke.The Perfectionists

“I’m beyond excited to continue my collaboration with Sara Shepard, Alloy, Freeform and Warner Horizon,” says Marlene King. “I can’t wait to introduce our fans – and Sasha and Janel – to a new world of thrills and chills in Beacon Heights.” Now if Alison and Mona are in Beacon Heights, where are the other liars in the big picture here? There are so many questions that have arisen since the day the possibility of another Pretty Little Spinoff was announced.

The Perfectionists: PLOTThe Perfectionists

Before diving straightaway into those questions, let us take a look at the plot of The Perfectionists. “Behind every Perfectionist is a secret, a lie, and a needed alibi.” This is what the novel is based on. A group of high school girls wishes to avenge a guy who has hurt all of them some time or the other. So they jokingly plan his murder. But the worst thing was that guy actually died in the same way as described by those girls and that raised a lot of suspicions. Until and unless these girls find out the real killer they are pretty much in a great deal of trouble.

The Burning Questions

What About Alex And Mary Drake?The Perfectionists

What is Mona going to do about the evil mother and daughter locked up in a dollhouse? Is her husband aka the hot cop responsible enough to handle the PLL special lockup all by himself? Afterall this stuff requires quick wit and a bit of an evil eye.

Will There Be Any Supernatural Elements?

Yes, we know who you are thinking about- Mrs. Grunwald! Even though she introduced some pretty creepy supernatural moments in Pretty Little Liars, we are hoping this time Marlene leaves her for shows similar to The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

What About Emily?The Perfectionists

Alison and Emily got engaged in the Pretty Little Liars finale. They probably got married after that. But does Alison moving to Beacon Heights hint an impending divorce? Maybe those two couldn’t work things out afterward. Since there is no mention of Shay Mitchell for The Perfectionists, what exactly does this mean for her relationship with Ali? Moreover, if they are really getting divorced, who gets the custody of the kids? We, as die-hard Emison fans hope that they are working things out long distance for some time.The Perfectionists

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So, what do you think this PLL spinoff mean for the existing PLL characters? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I don’t know what it means for the other liar’s… But I do know that if Emily and Allison is not going to be together and I can’t watch them together then count me out!!! I waited seven long seasons to see them finally get together and when they finally did the show ended 😡😠 Emison always had been my favorite even before they officially became Emison so if they not in this is one fan that won’t be watching the show!! I’ll watch it to see where they relationship is gonna lead to but if they don’t end up being together somewhere down the line I’ll be done! I just feel like instead of making their relationship a struggle.. how about Emily became some big time swim coach that requires for her to travel a lot and she comes home to her family when she can even if it’s just for the night or so until Shay can make a full commitment or some kind of deal! But if they not in it together, I won’t be sticking around to watch the show..

  2. I was disgusted that the girls ended up remaining friends with Allison after everything she did to them amd even more disgusted that Emily chose her over page …wtf is wrong with these girls point is I won’t be watching the reboot because the only character on pll I couldn’t stand was Allison and her and Mona are the only characters confirmed to be in the cross over … Nope count me out