The Walking Dead Factual Errors Very Few Fans Have Noticed


From the premiere episode itself, The Walking Dead has been one of the favorite shows on American television and around the world, but there is a bit of a chance that you might have missed the mistakes on the show. So here we list out 8 The Walking Dead factual errors very few fans have noticed while watching the show:Walking Dead Factual Errors

  1. In one of the scenes when Rick gives Andre a revolver to end her life and leaves her and Michonne alone. Rick with Darryl and Tyrese wait outside. We hear a gunshot and a shell casing falls on the floor, but what you must have missed out is that the revolver doesn’t eject shell casing.
  2. In one of the episodes of The Walking Dead season 2, when the group is killing the walkers that are coming out of the barn, we see Sophia coming out. During this time the zombies on the ground kind of keep shifting to make way for her.
  3. When Beth and Daryl are at the funeral home they come across a one-eyed dog, the dog gets startled and runs away from Daryl. The stringed cans make noise but Dog never really touches it. Isn’t that one of the deadliest Walking Dead Factual Errors?
  4. In the very first episode of The Walking Dead season one, we see Rick with his horse is attacked by a group of walkers and the horse dies. Rick saves himself by getting into a military tank. The tank that is shown in the episode is not an American one but a British military tank. How did it come to Atlanta?
  5. When Shane and Daryl are seen in a heated argument, somehow Daryl’s position keeps changing the whole time. Once he is seen beside Carol, then in front of her then at the back to his place again.
  6. In the tenth episode of the third season when Daryl’s shirt gets ripped off, along with the scars his tattoos are shown as well. In one shot the tattoo is placed on the upper right side of his back but somehow magically the tattoo changes its position in the next shot to the upper left side of his back.
  7. When Shane is working on a car engine in the first season, the traffic is easily visible in the windshield-a small mistake the editor missed.
  8. All the vehicles shown in The Walking Dead are getting gasoline filled regularly. In fact, gasoline doesn’t have such a long shelf life, at least for the years and years of time they show on the series. This is one of the silliest Walking Dead Factual Errors.

Walking Dead Factual Errors

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These were some of The Walking Dead factual errors that very few fans might have noticed. What do you think of these The Walking Dead factual errors? Let us know in the comments below.

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