Top 5 Craziest “The Walking Dead Season 8” Fan Theories Ever


The Walking Dead’s latest episodes came with lots of surprises for the fans. We can’t help but predict what is going to happen next. Here we have got a list of the craziest The Walking Dead Season 8 fan theories ever:The Walking Dead Season 8


Have you ever wondered while watching any of The Walking Dead Season 8 episodes that once the zombies are done with eating all human beings and there would be no humans left for them to eat, what will they have? Fans have the answer, according to some people the zombies survive and are able to move because of the energy they are getting from the sun. The thought being zombies require low nourishment to remain “undead” hence the sun provides them the energy for that.


Another The Walking Dead Season 8 fan theory is about immunized children. One of the things that children in the show don’t have to be worried about changing into zombies themselves. Babies who are born after the zombie apocalypse are actually immune to the zombie virus. The theory says that the child born to a mother who is positive acquires immunity against the virus themselves. We actually saw how Judith dies and Rick finds out the decaying body and realizes that she hasn’t changed into a walker.


According to one of The Walking Dead Season 8 fan theories, USA is the only country that has been infected with this virus. Reason being a military experiment that went absolutely wrong. That means that it was a biological weapon that was being used by the government which went off badly and infected the people of the country and the government wasn’t able to stop it. This would make an amazing end to the show that we come to know it was just America and no place else around the world. And the government was aware of all of this throughout.


When we first came to know about Eugene we came to know that he is working on a human genome project and he knew a cure for the virus. Then in season 5, we come to know that he is not a scientist but he does know things. We also come to know how he admits to being a liar, so it’s confusing to know when he is telling the truth or just making stuff up. What if we come to know that whatever he said at the beginning is actually true and he is the reason behind making this virus and it is his fault. This is all really very confusing. Well, that’s the case with dishonest people.

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One of the funniest The Walking Dead Season 8 theories is that it all is just a street game and is being played by a group of children in a neighborhood. Whenever one of the characters dies it’s just that they have been called home to have their dinner. Now that is crazy, isn’t it? Crazy and a bit of a relief to all those people who have been having nightmares about zombies eating them up, thanks to the show!The Walking Dead Season 8

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So, which of The Walking Dead Season 8 theories did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.