The Walking Dead Terrible Episodes Of All Time That Were Absolutely Worthless To Watch


Every TV show has its pros and cons. The best episodes remind us why we started watching the show and the worst make us wonder why we are still watching it. Here is the list of The Walking Dead terrible episodes of all time that we have ever seen and that was absolutely worthless to watch.Walking Dead terrible

1. Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 “Cherokee Rose”

One of the most boring episodes in The Walking Dead was when the show kind of got stuck on Herschel’s farm. The middle of the whole season 2 got uninteresting but the specific episode was the dullest of them all.

It seems the audience was not much impressed with Carl being shot, Shane as always being ahead in time starts to train people to fight zombies better, Maggie and Glenn have sex, Lori finds out that she has got pregnant. No wonder the episode was awful.

2. Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 16 “Last Day on Earth”

Although we all know that finales are the most awaited and also one of the highest rated episodes in the series. They usually include big moments, drama and a lot of action. But this episode really left the audiences angry and dissatisfied.

The show did not show who Negen killed which became the lowest point for the whole series. The episode would have been so much better if they just killed the person they were supposed to or just ended the episode sooner without that horrible and weird camera perspective. If we choose one of the episodes that weren’t necessary for the show it has to be this one. It also became a letdown considering it was the season finale.

3. Walking Dead Season 4, episode 2, “Infected”

When seen initially the episode was seemed quite entertaining having an interesting perspective. The survivors battle the flu in the post-apocalyptic world. When Patrick a survivor in the prison stumbles in the shower and succumbs the flu before turning to a walker himself.

The question that remains unanswered all this while is what caused zombie outbreak in The Walking Dead. However, the funny part is everyone starts wondering how weak everybody’s immune system is that the flu nearly kills everyone that it infects. Even the zombies seemed to be affected by it. And on top of that somehow the main characters of the show remain untouched with it. It became quite boring as almost first half of the season had the same storyline.

4. Walking Dead Season 7, episode 5, “Go Getters”

In season 7 after the tragic death of Glenn and Abraham the series just showed how Maggie and Sasha were coping with the loss. Almost for few weeks, the same storyline continued which made it boring and just being dragged. We all know that Hilltop was one of the least interesting locations on the show. The location seemed underdeveloped.

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Gregory’s presence was annoying and Jesus’ character not being developed was entertainment killers.  Maggie and Jesus save the day and as usual, Gregory does nothing and the amusing part is that the people of hilltop are still okay with him leading the group.

5. Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 6, “Secrets”

This episode was merely focussed on the conflicts that happened on Hershel’s farm. There wasn’t much of an interesting storyline to it. Sure, there were some seeds planted that later turned out to be hits, but this specific episode had nothing interesting to offer. That is the reason why this episode is one of The Walking Dead terrible episodes.

Walking Dead terrible

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So, which of these The Walking Dead terrible episodes did you find the least interesting? Let us know in the comments below.