Things To Learn From Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)


Sheldon Lee Cooper is a fictional character in the CBS television series ‘The Big Bang Theory’, portrayed by actor Jim Parsons. He is a theoretical physicist at Caltech who lives with his best friend, Leonard Hofstadter. Sheldon is known for his brilliant mind but also his quirky behavior and idiosyncrasies. He is extremely logical, but this comes at a cost of often being rude of condescending to others. Sheldon has many interests, including comic books, video games and sci-fi TV shows. Although he pretends to be a robot with no feelings whatsoever, he genuinely cares about his friends. Here is a list of things to learn from Sheldon Cooper-

Things To Learn From Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang TheorySetting Boundaries

Sheldon knows exactly where he wants the boundary to be (physically, emotionally) and he’s not afraid to mark his boundaries clearly. Forming boundaries can be difficult but Sheldon’s a paragon of how doing so can create a life that makes you feel comfortable.

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The Genius Mind

Perfectionists and geniuses are always hated in the real world. If you raise the bar too high people will start to hate you after a while. Its a fundamental flaw in the human mind. The only thing you can do in this situation  is be happy with yourself.  Remember, ‘You were born in this world not to fit in, but to stand out.’

Having Fewer Close Friends

Sheldon generally prefers to work on developing close friendship with fewer people which is a good way to create strong, lasting bonds.


Sheldon believes  in himself and he’s not afraid to showcase his skills and talents . After years of being a genius, confidence seem to come easily to Sheldon. Even if you’re not a genius, believing in yourself can have a positive result on your life.


Sheldon doesn’t like mingling with everyone. Introverts can be too  truthful sometimes which isn’t a desired quality  in this world of diplomats. They live in their own world. Too much social interaction can be tedious for them. It is a good thing considering you are always away from complications of others’ lives.

Organisational Skills

A significant  part of our lives is spent in finding things due to our lack of organizational skills. Systematic organisation of stuff frees our  mind from the task of finding things so that we can focus on other important things. This is a quality everyone needs to learn from Shelly.

The One

You won’t be alone always. The world is too big with lots of different people with different attitudes and  personalities. You will find people who are going to motivate and understand  you.


Not easily demotivated, Sheldon is persistent to go after what he wants. He doesn’t rely on others to do what needs to be done (except driving!). When he sets  his sight on something, he pursues it passionately. He mostly gets what he wants.

To Be Afraid To Ask What You Don’t Know.

There’s a lot Dr. Sheldon Cooper doesn’t understand about daily life and when he doesn’t know, he is not ashamed to ask.


Sheldon doesn’t shy away from working hard. When he deals with a project, he does it with enthusiasm, using as much brain power as he can. His focus is laser-like, concentrating in only on the problem at hand, allowing distractions to fade into the background

 Sense of Humor

Sheldon’s sense of humor is a bit off, but he’s got one. And having a sense of humor is important for making life much more enjoyable.

Having An Inspiring Hero

Having an hero is essential as it gives you something to aspire to. Sheldon’s hero is Stephen Hawking, a famous physicist. Though Sheldon’s hero is famous, a hero doesn’t have to be a big name. A friend, a parent, or a coworker might be your hero.

 Observational Skills

Sheldon’s always aware of his surrounding, and he knows when something’s different. The more observing you are, the more you learn about your surrounding. Also, the more attentive you are, it gets easy to make out what is not right. When you know what’s right, the wrong becomes obvious.

 Knowing Your Weaknesses

Sheldon believes he’s the best at most things, but he is openly admits that he’s not the best sportsman and sarcasm is not his cup of tea. Identifying ones weaknesses doesn’t mean one cannot transform them; knowing them can help us accept or alter them.

 Being A Good Friend

Sheldon takes a long time to make friends with the people, but once they’re formed, he remains loyal. Sometimes, he even steps out of his comfort zone to help a friend in need.

 Always Love Your Mother

Sheldon loves his mother and more importantly he respects her. Despite their differences, Sheldon and his mother have a deep respect for each other that makes it possible for them to have a loving relationship.

 Self Loving

Last but not the least, the happiest person in this world is the one who is self satisfied. The  greatest survival technique a person can learn today is loving the self.  Nobody can argue how much the genius physicist loved himself. Loving yourself boosts your self esteem and increases your work efficiency.

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What are some of the other things to learn from Sheldon Cooper that you can’t find in this list? Share your feedback with us.

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