This Is What Made Game Of Thrones Season Seven Worse Than Previous Seasons


We agree that GOT Season 7 was filled with drama, thrill, and action. But there are some things that made this season worse than the others. Although the episodes kept us hooked, there were some things that were either absolutely ridiculous to watch or were over exaggerated. Let us take a look at the things that caused a decline in the quality of Game Of Thrones Season Seven.

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1.The Lannister Family Drama In Game Of Thrones Season SevenGame Of Thrones Season Seven

When Tyrion and Cersei met in her room, Cersei admitted that she knew about the meeting Jaime had with Tyrion, but let him go anyway. She did not make a big deal out of him going there, but if that was the case why did she spy on him at all? Cersei has her own plan about how to defeat Daenerys. Maybe luring her with the possibility of a truce and then welcoming her army with Wildfire later. She has done that before. And not to forget, the weapon Qyburn made to kill a dragon might come in handy! Jaime’s ignorance of his sister’s flaws is getting unbelievable. Cersei has said she will do anything to protect her family, but her notion is well, kind of unique and weird. I know Nikolaj has said that Jaime’s tolerance of Cersei is based on true love, but I don’t think so. It may have started out that way, but the way he acted in Eastwatch shows that he is being manipulated.

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  1. Jon Was OverratedGOT Season 7

Jon Snow has become the least interesting character on GOT, especially after season 7. He has proven himself to be completely untouchable after coming back from death. He is more like a stereotypical hero now that really unbelievable. The only difference between this and a traditional hero’s journey is the level of the effort and work. He almost drowned in the icy lake and then magically came out of it! He didn’t much face trouble in climbing the Wall, even though he had never done that before.

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  1. Euron Ambushes Dany’s FleetGOT Season 7

Euron burned every ship in Dany’s fleet, without causing any damage to himself. The fight between Euron Greyjoy and the Sand Snakes was not at all creative. The worst part is that Dany couldn’t do anything about it at all! As if this wasn’t enough, Theon jumped overboard rather than attack Euron to rescue Yara. This showed utter cowardice. Reek didn’t seem strange then.

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  1. Sansa’s HairGOT Season 7

If Sophie Turner doesn’t want her hair dyed anymore, can the artists get her a better wig?Many of the actors wear a wig and look fine. Both Lena and Emilia have dark hair and they look good in their wigs. Margaery Tyrell and Catelyn Stark both had fine wigs as well. Even Arya’s unkempt hair look better.

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  1. No Cleaganebowl In Game Of Thrones Season SevenGOT Season 7

Even the most important negotiations between the royalty don’t compare to this sibling feud. When the Hound ferociously stepped up to the Mountain with some great challenging words, it would have been better if it had actually resulted in the long-awaited death match between those two fearsome siblings. We know that Cleaganebowl is confirmed for the final season but fans really missed the fight in Game Of Thrones Season Seven.

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So what do you think is the worst part of Game Of Thrones Season Seven? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. From my perspective, Dany got off track when she got to Dragonstone, by listening to Tyrion. Had she had Daario and SerJorah by her side, she would have sailed to Kings Landing and did what get and her armada set out to do, instead of splittng up the Tyrell, Dornish, and Greyjoy fleets. That was a foolish and stupid thing to do. They had all just sailed there together for the purpose of attacking Kings Landing. Also, Tyrion’s idea of capturing a Wight, to show Cersei was foolish because Dany lost Viserion for nothing. Cersei was never going to join forces with them.