This Is Why Most Fans Still Haven’t Forgiven The HIMYM Ending Even After So Many Years


All well that ends well. But what if it doesn’t? To quote Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother, “The journey is the best part.” That is true to some extent but if the destination is not what you expected, the whole journey might feel like a waste. This can be related to the show How I Met Your Mother. The showrunners knew how to keep the fans hooked to their screens episode after episode. This show is a classic example of the fact that the ending of a TV show can alter the way fans perceive the entire series. Even after so many years, despite relentless efforts, most fans have still not been able to forgive the HIMYM ending. Let us take a look why.

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The Unforgivable HIMYM Finale: HIMYM Ending

Ted and Robin shippers are going to argue with this but I am just gonna go ahead and say this- HIMYM finale was one of the worst things that can happen to any fan and not only on TV! The last episode was the perfect “what just happened” moment ever. When the creators of a show start to build up something huge from the beginning they should make sure that they live up to the high expectations of the fans. They made a huge deal about the mother and the yellow umbrella from the beginning and when the time came to finally do justice to the yellow umbrella they just forced in the blue French horn.

Ted And RobinHIMYM ending

Yes, Ted and Robin were great when they were together but Robin never seemed to care much about Ted from the beginning. They had nothing in common. Ted wanted to get married, have kids and settle down while Robin was a career-oriented woman. They knew it from the start and still went out anyway. It’s okay when you don’t know what’s gonna happen in a relationship before you get involved. But if you know beforehand that a relationship has no possible future and that nothing is ever gonna happen it’s better to stay out of it.

Afterall, there are a million potential matches out there. Ted should have focussed on those instead of blindly running after the fantasy he created for him and Robin which was doomed from the beginning.

Ted And Victoria:

HIMYM endingThey met in a way that appealed to the romantic side of the audience. They just met and for some reason couldn’t be apart even though they decided that their first meeting is going to be their last. There was a chemistry that clicked and was definitely better than the cliched “Robin is the one” conundrum.

Moreover, when it started to get real serious between them towards the HIMYM ending, Robin started to behave like a total brat not because she genuinely had feelings for Ted. It was like she threw away a toy and when some other kid started playing with it she suddenly wanted it back.

When Victoria was in a dilemma whether to move to Germany or not in the HIMYM ending, Robin went out of her way to drive her away from Ted and sabotaging their relationship. Robin knew that she could never have been the future that Ted desired. Even then, she deliberately tried to deprive him of everything he ever wanted and deserved- Victoria.

To sum up, Robin is the reason why fans haven’t been able to forgive the HIMYM ending till date.

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What’s your view on HIMYM ending? Was there any other reason that kept the HIMYM ending intact in your memories for this long? Please share your feedback with other HIMYM fans in the comments section below.

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