Top 10 Best Prison Break Characters Ever That Have Made The Show What It Is


Prison Break is an American TV show which premiered in the year 2005. The main storyline revolves around two brothers, of which one has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and the other one is trying to save him by breaking into the prison. Over the years, it has garnered a lot of attention from people belonging to different locations and age groups. The kind of success Prison Break has enjoyed thus far wouldn’t be possible without the hard work put in by its characters. To honor their work, we have decided to list out the best Prison Break Characters who have this show into one of the best drama series ever produced.

Prison Break Characters – Michael ScofieldPrison Break Characters

Michael Scofield is one of the main characters on the show and is also one of the best Prison Break characters. He breaks into the prison to save his brother. This shows that he is concerned about the well being of his brother and is inexplicable and skilled.

Theodore Bagwell:Prison Break Characters

He is one of the characters who had his own storyline in the show, and his strong performance just proved him to be one of the most entertaining characters on the show.

Alexander Mahone:Prison Break Characters

He was introduced in the second season with an aim to get all the prisoners back behind the bars. He is very intelligent and is an extremely powerful character.

Lincoln Burrows:Prison Break Characters

He is Michael’s brother, and whatever Michael plans he follows. He took good care of Michael, and that is why Michael risked his life to save his brother. When both the brothers when working together, the energy is on the top!

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John Abruzzi:Prison Break Characters

Although his role was short lived but he still ranks high because of the amazing performance he gave. His desire for revenge takes him in the wrong direction, which ultimately takes him down.

Fernando Sucre:Prison Break Characters

He is a person who will do anything for friendship and love and is truly the heart and soul of the show.

Sara Tancredi:Prison Break Characters

She is the beautiful doctor and Michael’s love interest on the show. It was a relief when she was found alive later.

Gretchen Morgan:Prison Break Characters

She is one of the best Prison Break Characters also known by the name of Susan. She is persistent, and a loving and protective mother. Her character basically brought the third season back to life!

Paul Kellerman:Prison Break Characters

This guy made sure that Lincoln is framed for the murder although towards the end he starts to help the prisoners who escaped. Considering the storyline of the show, it was a nice gesture on his part. He was seen returning in the fourth season of the show.

Benjamin “C-Note” Franklin: Prison Break Characters

He was a man with a good heart who somehow got arrested because of the corrupt system. He loved his family and wanted to escape the prison just so he could meet them once again. He had the reputation of a man who can get you anybody or anything.

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So, who is your favorite among these Prison Break Characters? Let us know in the comments below.