Top 10 Game Of Thrones Best Scenes From Season 7


Game Of Thrones Season 7 finally ended with a bang! It was full of action and emotion. Dany and Jon finally expressed their hidden desires, the wall came crashing down, the big villain Littlefinger met his end and much more! Let us take a look at Game Of Thrones Best Scenes from season 7.

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  1. Jon and Daenerys MeetupHouse Targaryen

It was one of those Game Of Thrones Best Scenes that kept fans waiting for so long. Two of the show’s most popular characters finally came face-to-face in a meeting that can’t be considered very friendly. Jon needed help defeating the army of the dead while Daenerys was concerned only about taking the Iron Throne. Their conflicting opinions put them at odds. The meeting of ice and fire (or fire and fire) came out to be really interesting.

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  1. Jon Bends The Knee

Despite their differences, Jon and Dany respect each other. After Dany saved Jon and the other heroes from the Night King losing one of her dragons in the process she pledges to help him defeat the army of the dead. Surprisingly, Jon also pledged loyalty to Queen Daenerys and agreed to accompany her in her quest to take the Iron Throne.

  1. Viserion Resurrectedthe night king

Although fans were grief stricken when Dany’s fierce dragon succumbed to death, seeing the mighty beast’s eyes open back up to be blue was definitely a chilling moment. After the wights pull him from the lake, the Night King brings Viserion back to life, making the army of the dead stronger and an even bigger threat to the living.

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  1. Daenerys Goes Beyond The Wall Game Of Thrones Best Scenes

Tyrion didn’t want to let Dany go since it was very risky. But she decided to go anyway. Even though she lost one of her beloved children in the process, she was glad that Jon was alive.

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  1. The BattleGame Of Thrones Best Scenes

This was probably the most spectacular moments of the entire season. It was Dany’s first true display of force in Westeros. This portrayed a more ruthless side of her that left Tyrion frustrated. The live example of this came in the aftermath of the attack when Daenerys ordered Randyll Tarly, to bend the knee. When both he and his son refused to do so, she sentenced them both to die. ‘Roast’ is probably the better word.

  1. Tyrion’s Chilling Scene With Cersei

    Jaime And Brienne

Tyrion meets Cersei alone in order to make up for Jon’s stupidity. He said he was sorry for the deaths of Myrcella and Tommen and said that he loved them. Cersei seemed to believe that. Tyrion realizes that her fear is because she is pregnant. After their secret conversation, Cersei suddenly came back and promised that she will help fight the white walkers by sending all her men to Winterfell.

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  1. Night King Riding The Dragon What Do The White Walkers Want

After literally seven seasons of the wait, the Night King finally made it to the Wall. A hellish blue flame on the Wall brought a massive section crashing down.

  1. Uncle Benjen Saves The DayGame Of Thrones Best Scenes

After Jon somehow pulled himself out of the water, the wights went after him. But out of nowhere, uncle Benjen swooped in and saved his life. He sacrifices himself so his nephew can escape.

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  1. The Death of LittlefingerWhat Do The White Walkers Want

Lord Baelish played the Game better than all in Westeros, but in the end, it turned out that the Stark sisters were secretly plotting together to take him down. His death was actually one of the Game Of Thrones Best Scenes ever!

  1. Sam’s arrival in WinterfellGame Of Thrones Best Scenes

Bran informed Samwell that he must tell Jon Snow that his true parents are Rhaegar Targaryen and his aunt Lyanna. Bran said that his real name should Jon Sand. But thanks to Gilly, Sam puts it all together that Jon is actually not a bastard since Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark were married. Bran then witnessed their wedding with his super powers. It turns out that Jon’s real name is Aegon Targaryen, and he is the rightful heir of Iron Throne.

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So, what do you think of these Game Of Thrones Best Scenes from Season 7? Let us know in the comments below.

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