Top 14 Facts About Matt LeBlanc You Never Knew Before


The famous actor Matt LeBlanc is well known for his outstanding performance as Joey Tribbiani on the all-time blockbuster FRIENDS. But when it ended in 2004 he faced tough times after FRIENDS spin-off ‘Joey’ failed, he shunned the spotlight. In 2011 when Matt returned to our screens playing a fictionalized version of himself in ‘Episodes,’ he won a Golden Globe award. We all know him as Joey- the dim-witted womanizer, but what do we really know about Matt LeBlanc? Here are some less known facts about Matt LeBlanc that will help you know him in a better way-

Facts About Matt LeBlanc1. Matt LeBlanc age is 49 years (born 25 July 1967). He is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

2. Matt was a regular feature on US television as ‘that guy from the Heinz ketchup commercial before he was known as Joey Tribbiani on ‘Friends.’ The advert went on to win one of the world’s most prestigious advertising awards, Gold Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival

3. Before Friends, he also appeared in commercials for Levi’s 501s, Doritos, and Coca-Cola.

4. He speaks French fluently as his father is French Canadian. Forget that Friends episode where Joey tries to speak French.

5. He married the British model Melissa McKnight in 2003. Sadly, they divorced in 2006. Their marriage fell apart amid stories of Matt doing the dirty. A year before that, he publicly apologized to her after he drunkenly groped a nude stripper in a nightclub.

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6. From the age of 8 years, he wanted to be a motorcycle racer and entered a lot of junior competitions.

7. His other hobbies are parachute jumping and landscape photography.

8. He was nominated for an Emmy 3 times for Friends and four times for ‘Episodes.’

9. He appeared in Jon Bon Jovi’s music videos: “Miracle,” from the Young Guns II soundtrack in 1990, and “Say It Isn’t So” in 2000.

10. He dated Kate Hudson in 1996.

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11. His role of “Maj. Don West” in Lost in Space was originally offered to his Friends co-star Matthew Perry.

12. This is one of those facts about Matt LeBlanc that only a few people know. He is the only cast member of Friends not to have appeared on Saturday Night Live.

13. He is also a trained carpenter and still does DIY work for his mother

14. When Matt auditioned for the role of Joey, he only had $11 to his name. When the cast got paid, Matt bought a hot dinner.

15. The name of Matt LeBlanc daughter is Marina Pearl LeBlanc, who was born on 8 February 2004.

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So, now do you know Joey Tribbiani as Matt LeBlanc?

Which of these facts about Matt LeBlanc shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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