Have You Watched These Top 5 Funniest FRIENDS Episodes?


FRIENDS is one of those amazing Television shows that has given us immense laughter and entertainment through it’s every single episode. You can rewatch each episode a million times, and still won’t get bored of these funniest Friends moments ever. Selecting best out of the best is indeed a difficult task. But below is the list of top 5 funniest FRIENDS episodes which every fan watches over and over again, filled with the same excitement as though they are watching it for the first time.

1. The One With the Embryos (Season 4, episode 12)

top 5 funniest FRIENDS episodesThe first of these top 5 funniest FRIENDS episodes was aired in season 4. While Phoebe is at the fertility clinic, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Rachel are squaring off in a trivia game created by Ross. What’s the best way to kill some time with your BFFs? Playing a game of “who knows each other best!” Joey bets that he and Chandler know more about Monica and Rachel than they know about them. Monica proposes that if she and Rachel win, the boys have to get rid of their rooster and duck. Chandler counters by saying that if they win, the girls have to switch apartments with them. Confident as always, Monica agrees. When it’s the ladies’ turn, they get three questions right, but couldn’t answer the fourth question: “What is Chandler’s job?” They are unable to come up with an answer – boys win! Chandler and Joey keep their “pets” and get the superior apartment to boot. The information revealed throughout the game is hilarious, but what makes this episode one of the best is how brilliantly the four of them deliver every excited exclamation. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best Friends episodes IMDb ever aired on Television.

2. When Everybody Finds Out (Season 5, Episode 14)

top 5 funniest FRIENDS episodesThe next on this list of top 5 funniest FRIENDS episodes is S05E14. “They don’t know we know they know we know!” After Phoebe discovers that Monica and Chandler are dating, the girls start messing with the couple, which clues in Monica and Chandler, so they retaliate. This episode belongs to the weird, prolonged sexual showdown between Phoebe and Chandler. It starts with bicep squeezing and ends with an adorable declaration of love.

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3. The One With Unagi (Season 6, Episode 17)

top 5 funniest FRIENDS episodesWhile Joey is trying to make his way into a science experiment for twins, Monica and Chandler have forgotten to make the other a Valentine’s Day present. Ross tries to test Rachel and Phoebe, his self-defense skills. Chandler’s anniversary gift to Monica is the one an ex-girlfriend gave him. Since Ross’s ridiculous obsession with “kara-tay” basically gets a stand-alone episode, as he squares off with Rachel and Phoebe in a series of scares designed to test their Unagi- a state of total awareness.

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4. The One With All Resolutions(Season 5,Episode 11)

top 5 funniest FRIENDS episodesThe fourth on this list of top 5 funniest FRIENDS episodes is S05E11. What is your new year’s resolution? Is it not to gossip? To not make fun of your friends? Or is it to try something new, like wearing a pair of leather paste pants? Everyone tries to uphold their New Year resolutions. Ross vows to try something new. Joey resolves to learn guitar. Rachel gives up gossiping and Chandler decides to stop making fun of his friends. Sounds difficult!

5. One With the Prom Video (Season 2, Episode 14)

top 5 funniest FRIENDS episodesThe last on the list of top 5 funniest FRIENDS episodes is S02E14. A newly employed Joey thanks Chandler for years of rent and coffee bills with a gaudy gold bracelet that reads- “Best Buds”, while Monica attempts to get a new job. Chandler accidentally mocks the bracelet in front of Joey.  Ross continues to seek forgiveness from Rachel after insulting her by making a list of the pros and cons of being with her. Jack and Judy Geller bring boxes of Monica’s stuff to her apartment because they are turning her childhood room into a gym. While looking through it, Monica finds a video of her and Rachel getting ready for their prom.  Ross decided to take Rachel to her prom after she thinks she was stood up by her date. Ross suits up, but Rachel’s date shows up at the last moment before she learns of Ross’s plans. Ross looks disappointed at the end of the video. When the video is over, Rachel felt sorry for Ross. Touched by Ross’s gesture, she gets up and passionately kisses him.

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So, which one of these top 5 funniest FRIENDS episodes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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