Top 5 Best Ever The Walking Dead Theories For Season 8


The internet is filled with lots of Walking Dead theories. But there are only a few that actually make sense. Here we give you the five best Walking Dead theories for season 8 that have caused a stir among TWD fans. Check them out and share your opinions about them in the comments section:

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The show tells the history of humans. This is actually a quite clever idea. We can see that all seasons do show some episodes that reflect major events in human history. For example season 2 shows the rise of agriculture and end of the hunter-gatherer period. Even in season 3, we see the Roman Empire period. We can clearly see that the past influences the show’s storyline a lot. There is a possibility that it all happens in the past.Walking Dead Theories


The whole dead people walking around are an alien invasion according to one of the fans. An extraterrestrial race or aliens want to take over Earth by planting a virus. The zombies are actually weapons of destruction and are carrying out work of aliens to keep Human beings as their slaves. Many of the fans believe that aliens are keen to harvest the benefits of natural resources that our planet has. And how do they do that? By using a bioweapon that clears out humanity and is totally undetectable. This is one of the Walking Dead theories that actually make a lot of sense.


Whisperers are the new group of antagonists that our survivors come across. This group is led by a woman Alpha who won’t think twice before shedding blood to get what she wants. The whisperers stand apart mainly with the way they dress, they wear zombie skins most probably so that they don’t experience human intimacy ever again. When at the last minute Jadis decides to take the side of Negan and thus making Rick her enemy, this led some people to believe that we are going to see her transform completely into a major villain.


This is one of the other popular Walking Dead Theories for the season 8. Rick and Carl are walkers themselves and cannot die. Although it may seem like a bizarre idea it might be true! Rick and Carl are both immune to the virus. One of the fans suggests Rick dies again and again throughout the show may be a number of times before we get to meet him. The idea goes as far as that he just returns back to life and not as a zombie whenever he dies.

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One of the fans suggested that the virus is a result of bad dental hygiene and the recipient is doomed by the zombie bite. But just give it a thought Michoone’s two walker pets have their jaws removed and Governor’s walker fight club has many toothless zombies. This proves that the virus does not transmit from their rotten flesh hanging but their teeth are fatal. This condition is caused by the closeness of the rotting teeth to the brain.

Walking Dead Theories

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So which of these Walking Dead theories do you think is most plausible? Let us know in the comments below.