Tragic TVD Deaths: 5 Characters on TVD Who Should Have Never Died


Deaths and resurrections are a common phenomenon in TV Series The Vampire Diaries. But there are some characters whose death is devastating for the fans. Here is a list of some tragic TVD deaths, the characters on TVD who should have never died.

Top Tragic TVD Deaths: 5 Characters Who Shouldn’t Have Died:

LexiTVD Deaths

The first name on this list of TVD deaths is of Lexi Branson. She was the best friend of Stefan Salvatore. She was a 350-year-old vampire. Damon killed her to make the town council believe that she was the vampire terrorizing Mystic Falls. After that, she appeared in many episodes in the seasons, sometimes as flashbacks and sometimes a brief encounter with the other world. Many The Vampire Diaries theories revolved around her. It would have been nice to see her character in full force. She possessed more strength and speed over other vampires. She even reappeared as a ghost to help Stefan. In season five she saves Stefan and manages to find peace.

Mason LockwoodTVD Deaths

One of the many surprising facts about The Vampire Diaries is that death is too obvious in this show. The case is no different here. Played by Taylor Kinney Mason, Mason was a werewolf and was Jule’s friend. He was killed by Damon Salvatore who ripped his heart out which resulted in an instant death. In season three he returns as a ghost and is determined to make Damon apologize for killing him. Another name on this list of TVD deaths that leaves friends heartbroken.

Jenna SommersTVD Deaths

Played by Sara Canning the character of Jenna Sommers was wonderful. She was one of the human element of the show, aunt of Elena and Jeremy Gilbert and was the legal guardian after their parents died. As a part of Klaus’s ritual to break the curse, she did what any guardian would do and that was to save Elena. She sacrificed herself to make for Elena’s life. In season three Esther tells Elena that Jenna found peace on the other side of the world. This is one of those TVD deaths was very unanticipated and dreadful on the show. [Don’t forget to read the real reason why Nina Dobrev Left The Vampire Diaries]

AnnaTVD Deaths

During the first season of the vampire diaries, the character of beautiful Anna which was played by Malese Jow was shown. She turned out to be a vampire of the Mystic Falls in the 1800s with her mother Pearl. She was with the Salvatore brothers and returned to free her mother and saw Damon miss his chances to open the tomb where her mother was. She seemed to be a geeky girl who met Jeremy Gilbert at the library. She became friends with Jeremy to obtain his ancestral Journal but later she fell for him. But towards the finale, Jeremy’s uncle murdered her with his own stake. During season three fans were able to see her when Jeremy started to see ghosts.

RoseTVD Deaths

The final name on this list of tragic TVD deaths was of Rose. She was the best friend of Trevor and was a vampire. During the series, we saw her transforming from a vampire with bitterness to join the good gang. She was the only character after Elena who seemed to have an effect on Damon but very soon she had an untimely death because of a werewolf bite by Jules and was finally mercilessly killed by Damon who cared about her and wanted to end her suffering. Although she had a fling with Damon she was the one who supported Damon and Elena’s relationship.

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So these were a few characters that we all absolutely loved and adored and wished they didn’t die. What do you think of these TVD deaths? Let us know in the comments below.