One of the most crucial characters in the Game of Thrones universe who has actually never appeared on the show is Rhaegar Targaryen. It has been pointed out on the show many times that Rhaegar abducted Lyanna Stark, hid her away in Dorne and raped her. Is that all? Maybe not. According to this theory that is not what happened. There are still some fans out there that aren’t as familiar with everything that is surrounding these two characters. Did Rhaegar kidnap and rape Lyanna or did she go with him willingly? Let us take a look at this Game Of Thrones theory.

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Game Of Thrones Theory

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  1. The television show has only mentioned Rhaegar and Lyanna a few times and there are only a few potential characters left on the show who may know the truth about them.
  2. From what we’ve seen in the television show there is only one side of this story known throughout. Lord Walter went held a tournament at Harrenhal. Everyone was present that day including Arthur Dayne, Littlefinger, Barristan Selmy Robert Baratheon, Benjen Stark, Ned Stark and their sister Lyanna Stark, the Mad king and his son Rhaegar Targaryen who was also participating in this tournament. Before any jousting even took place there was a feast to celebrate the start of the tournament. Rhaegar Targaryen started to sing a song that was heard by many. This song was said to have sounded so beautiful that it actually broke Lyanna into tears. Now, this is an important piece of information that sets the stage in tone for the relationship between Rhaegar and Lyanna. Game Of Thrones Theory
  3. In season 5, Littlefinger told Sansa that Rhaegar Targaryen started beating some of the most legendary fighters eventually winning the tournament. He then takes the winner crown for the queen of love and beauty and he walks right past his wife and he gives it to Lyanna stark instead. This was a shocking act by the prince that stunned the crowd.  His exact dialogues were- “When Rhaegar won everyone cheered for their prince. I remember the girls laughing when he took off his helmet and they saw that silver hair how handsome he was until he rode right past his wife Elia Martell and all the smiles died.”Game Of Thrones Theory
  4. Sometime after this Rhaegar and Lyanna disappeared and this is when the people of Westeros feared the worst. But the truth was still hidden. Unfortunately for Prince Rhaegar, everyone included Robert and even Sansa thought he kidnapped her and repeatedly raped her.
  5. In season one we see Ned’s reaction to Roberts claim, “That was unspeakable what Rhaegar Targaryen did to your sister the woman I loved.” Robert didn’t understand why Ned wasn’t angry even after he reminded him that Rhaegar kidnapped and raped his sister. Maybe the reason why Ned never got angry is that he knew the truth about the loving relationship between Rhaegar and his sister Lyanna.Game Of Thrones Theory
  6. Ned spoke to Lyanna before she died. He knew she wasn’t in any danger from Rhaegar. In fact, Rhaegar had one of the best swordsmen in history protecting Lyanna and his son Jon snow.Game Of Thrones Theory
  7. Even Barristan Selmy who was one of the noblest men in history had nothing but nice things to say about Rhaegar when he was talking to Daenerys. He told her that Rhaegar sang to the common people and gave the money he collected to the next missile down the street. One time he gave it to an orphanage in flea bottom.
  8. Daenerys Targaryen even had a vision at the house of the undying that there is a dying prince with rubies flying from his armor and he is whispering the name of a woman with his last breath. She is seeing her brother Rhaegar at the Trident and that was him whispering Lyanna’s name.Game Of Thrones Theory
  9. We all remember that look Littlefinger gave Sansa when she said Lyanna was kidnapped and raped. He seems to know everything and he was even there at the tournament when Rhaegar gave Liana the Roses. He probably saw the way Rhaegar and Lyanna were looking at each other and knew there was something more to this story.
  10. George RR Martin even said on his blog that we will know everything there is to know about Robert rebellion. In the television show, we’re going to find this out most probably through Littlefinger.
  11. In the most recent season 7 promo, they show a brief scene of Sansa standing in the Crypts and Littlefinger standing right at the entrance of the crypts. Littlefinger Sansa may share another scene down here again but this time Littlefinger is probably going to reveal the correct version of the story purposely to put a wedge between Sansa and Jon. The truth about Rhaegar Targaryen: Game Of Thrones Theory
  12. Also, in the season 7 trailer there is a quick scene of Jon and Littlefinger down in the crypts and in that scene, Jon grabs Littlefinger by the throat and slams him up against the wall. Now, why would he do something like that?Game Of Thrones Theory

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So what do you think of this Game Of Thrones theory? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. This theory raises more questions than it answers. Why would Lyanna Stark want to go off with a married man? Surely she wasn’t that desperate, though I can see why she might want to get out of marrying Robert.