Delena Was The Worst Part Of TVD: Stelena vs Delena Conflict resolved


Since its very first episode, The Vampire Diaries has been primarily focused on one of the most popular love triangles of the show that is, between Elena and the vampire brothers Stefan and Damon. Over the course of the six seasons, the love triangle shifted from a sweet and kind human Elena destined to be with Stefan Salvatore, a vampire to a vampire Elena Gilbert who became head over heels for the bad guy Damon, who was also a vampire. Since Elena left Stefan for Damon, the topic of Stelena vs Delena has been a hot one. Even though Delena seemed passionate, but it could never outsource Stelena. Let us take a look at why Stefan and Elena together were way better than Damon and Elena.

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Stelena vs Delena

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Stelena vs Delena Conflict resolved

  1. Through her relationship with Stefan, Elena Gilbert healed from the death of her parents, grew independent, opened up to new possibilities and moved on. No one else except Stefan was able to make her smile after her parent’s death.
  2. Before Elena turned into a vampire, she was confident secure in her love for Stefan. Their relationship was perfect as it was. Her sudden change in feelings felt like merely a crazy vampire-delusion.
  3. Damon was just an impulsive boy who didn’t know how to slow down and handle himself when he’s angry. Stefan was always the real man who knew how to treat a lady.
  4. Damon tortured Elena’s best friend. Remember the bite marks on human Caroline? 
  5. Damon made all of Elena’s choices for her. Stefan actually gave her space she needed.
  6. The only thing stronger than Stefan’s craving for blood was his love for Elena.
  7. Stefan actually managed to resist Klaus’s compulsion in order to save Elena’s life. But when Kol compelled Damon to kill Jeremy, he was unable to resist it despite knowing that he was going to harm Elena’s brother.
  8. Also, Damon actually killed Jeremy in Season 2 right after Elena told him that she was always going to choose Stefan over him— “It’s always going to be Stefan.” Damon hadn’t turned off his humanity switch at the time! He just killed Jeremy because he was pissed off for being rejected by a girl.                                                                       Also read: 20 Ian Somerhalder Facts That You Should Know AboutStelena vs Delena
  9. He was completely okay with killing Caroline and Tyler when they turned in Season 2, forgetting the fact that they were Elena’s friends. 
  10. Elena did have some fun with Damon, but does that really outweigh the beauty of Stelena? No.

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Life is nothing devoid of happiness. Damon definitely wanted to keep Elena’s life safe. But Stefan actually wanted her to be happy. Elena forgave some pretty nasty stuff Damon did, although he didn’t deserve that. It became a typical melodramatic story where a pretty girl tries to change a bad boy with her love. So, what do you people think about Stelena vs Delena theory? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. this is so wrong on so many levels. Their love was fake. Forced by the universe. I can give you hundreds of reasons why stelena was the worst. Would you rather fall in love on your own, or have people, and the universe. If you want my reasons ask. I can lay them all out for you.

    • I agree with Mariah, Delena is REAL LOVE with good parts and bad parts, Elena changes Damon and Damon changes Elena, I like Stefan but him and Elena just feels wrong, like they would be the best friends forever because there wasn’t romantic chemistry between them, there wasn’t passion. Altough I think that it was necesary Stelena to happen for introducing Elena in the all vampire world. Really really really love Delena, it’s probably the best love story in the entire world. Sorry for my bad english.

    • Stelena is REAL. Their love wasn’t fake. It was never forced by the universe. Stefan 5×18 “It wasn’t a spell or a prophecy. It was REAL. We fell in love on our own” Elena nodded.
      Considering this is one of your reasons, i guess the “hundreds of reasons” why stelena was the worst for you are inaccurate. Let’s see the writers opinions about what you said.
      Julie Plec: Elena asks Stefan to the dance. And it’s sweet, and it’s romantic, and it’s them at their best, and it’s them coming back together and having a night.
      Julie Plec said stelena 3×05 is the most romantic moment of the series, why the universe would make Stefan resist compulsion for Elena and not for Katherine? Both Elena and Katherine are doppelgangers, yet Stefan only loves Elena. Both Stefan and Silas are doppelgangers, yet Elena only loves Stefan.
      How can universe make Elena ask Stefan to the dance? If they were together because of the universe, they would never break-up. Right?
      Nina Dobrev: What makes her happy is Stefan and she still has hope that Stefan can be saved.
      Nothing about universe, huh.
      Nina Dobrev: You could feel the love, the fear, the anxiety, the memories and the history between the two.
      Nina Dobrev: Elena made a decision last season to be with Stefan because she loves him.
      Universe WHO? How can “universe” make you love someone?
      Also Julie Plec explaining why a sire-bond was introduced:
      “It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship.”
      Now a sire-bond can make you love someone, a sire-bond that controls you. Delena is about fake love. Stelena is about real love.
      Stelena is always going to be better than dullena. Xoxo.

    • Then instead of damon,stefen would have waited for Katherine…..Damon literally raped caroline ….just becoz he was hot doesn’t make him right ….anyways stelena was the actual ending in the book ….and if Nina would have stayed then in series it would have have been too….

  2. I love delena more and that doesn’t mean I hate Stelena. but Stelena is too good to be true, it’s like a fairy tale relationship. Delena is the real, raw relationship, it faces hardships, gets through it better, like every other relationship does. So, it’s always gonna be Delena for me. like Elena said, they were messy, complicated, but they were real. ✨❤

  3. Delena was forced just beco Nina was leaving and Julie was obsessed with Damon’s looks …maybe considering herself in place of elena….DE is lust and infatuation….if what stefen and elena had want love than u can’t believe in it