Unanswered Questions About Pretty Little Liars


The summer finale of Pretty Little Liars was without question one of the most memorable episodes of the show. Though a few loose ends were tied up, there are still a lot of mysteries left to be solved in the final ten episodes. Here are some unanswered questions about Pretty Little Liars lingering among fans that the show needs to answer in season 7B.

Unanswered Questions About Pretty Little LiarsWho Killed Jessica?

The first of the unanswered questions about Pretty Little Liars is about Jessica. Her death has been a mystery for a long time. When Charlotte revealed herself, we thought it would answer everything, but this was one thing she didn’t own up to.

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Was Sara Harvey a part of the Uber A Plan?

There are many PII questions and answers that fans like to know about. This is one such question. Sara Harvey was one of the weirdest characters. She makes absolutely no sense. Why is she obsessed with Charlotte? Why was she in Rosewood after her death? What did she almost tell Emily, and why all of a sudden trust Emily again? Who killed her and why?

Why Was Melissa Helping Shana and Jenna?

One of the most important PLL trivia questions and answers is about Melissa, Shana, and Jenna. Melissa always manages to squeeze herself into situations where it feels random for her to be, and then she manages to get out of explaining herself well. What exactly has been her involvement been in all of this?

Who Wrote This Message in the Dollhouse?

Unanswered Questions About Pretty Little LiarsWho’s M? And who’s “he”? We saw this message in the bunker in the dollhouse. The only other person there was Sara Harvey, so “M” wouldn’t be pointing towards her? Did Charlotte have someone else held captive? The only “M” we know of now is Mary Drake.

Who is Charlotte’s Dad?

First, we first found out that Mrs. D was Charlotte’s biological mother. Then in the season 6b finale, we found out that’s not true. She is her aunt. Mary Drake is actually Charlotte’s mom who still hasn’t told us who Charlotte’s father was.

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Who Killed Maya?

It’s one of the most popular unanswered questions about Pretty Little Liars. We seem to have landed on Nate, her stalker who also tried to kill Emily. But don’t forget the “MAYA KNEW” acronym that Mona spoke. What was the point of that?

Are Wren and Archer Related?

The two British guys on the show might be related, right? Wren has been a sketchball, and he sort of went off the radar out of nowhere. Archer’s connection is still unresolved. He was allegedly in love with Charlotte, so he married Alison to get revenge on her for Charlotte’s death, but his relationship with Alison started while Charlotte was still alive, so that doesn’t make sense! With Wren’s relationship with Melissa getting called off yet again, there would be no reason for him to return to Rosewood unless he’s still connected. And as we already know, our favorite doctor is returning to Rosewood. Perhaps, these two doctors have been working together?

How Did Eddie Lamb Know Aria?

There is no logical reason for Eddie to know who Aria is. They had never crossed paths before in the show, yet he thought they had met before. Was Aria a patient at Radley before? This was never explained. This also leads to a theory, “Is Aria A?”

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How were Spencer and Charlotte conceived?

If Mary Drake was locked up in the Radley during the time of their births, how was she able to get pregnant? Is Peter even really Spencer’s dad? Why was Mary Drake in the haunted house(school for the blind) when the Liars were summoned there? Perhaps she was also summoned by Jenna and Noel, but her unexplained appearance was weird.

Is that “five years later” flash-forward going to happen?

At the end of the season-six summer finale, the first five-year time jump occurs when we see Alison, who identifies herself as Mrs. Rollins on the chalkboard, in Rosewood High classroom being warned by the other Liars that “he is coming” for her. This scene has yet to happen, and due to the fact she now identifies herself as Ms. DiLaurentis, it’s questionable if it ever will. Who is “he” that they speak of?

What were Noel Kahn’s motivations for helping Charlotte and returning to Rosewood?

It was revealed earlier season 7 that Noel helped Charlotte torture the Liars in “the dollhouse” five years ago, but why would he be inclined to help her carry out such a big scheme? And why would he even bother returning to Rosewood? Why did he say that the Liars knew “too much” and “never understood” him, right before his death?

Fans sincerely hope that none of these unanswered questions about Pretty Little Liars go unnoticed in the upcoming episodes. Have you thought about any possible answers to these questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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