6 Unbelievable The Vampire Diaries Theories Of The Finale That Will Blow Your Mind


Even though The Vampire Diaries is over, it has left an indelible imprint in the hearts and minds of fans. The finale definitely shocked fans to the core and it was kind of unfair. There were definitely other ways in which such a happening show could have ended. Let us take a look at some popular The Vampire Diaries theories regarding The series finale.The Vampire Diaries Theories

1. Stefan And Damon Both Die

The first of The Vampire Diaries theories is about Stefan and Damon. The Salvatore brothers have loved Elena more than anything in this world. But no matter how many times they saved her life, it was always one of them who got her into trouble in the first place. And of course, they lived their life, died and came back. Vampirism is as it is an imbalance in nature. So, as TVD motto says- “History repeats itself”, to give Elena a normal human life that she had when this supernatural drama wasn’t there was the perfect thing to do.

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2. The Twins Cure Everyone

There is a reason why they were saved. It could have turned out to be something bigger. They could have been the end of the vampire population. No, we are not saying that they should have killed all the vamps. Instead, they could have accidentally discovered a witchy trick to wipe off vampirism by turning all vampires into humans. This way everyone could have lived a normal and happy life.

3. Elena Wakes Up And She Is Not Elena

Cliffhangers- the classic The Vampire Diaries style! When Kai put Elena to sleep he might have actually killed her and transferred Kathrine’s spirit into her body. When she finally wakes up, she starts a wonderful life with Damon. Imagine the end moment with nothing but Kathrine’s typical grin and fierce eyes. This would have created more chaos than the dead-Stefan ending for sure!

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4. Bonnie Commits Suicide

When Enzo died, Bonnie was devastated but she still hung on to the hope that she could bring him back with magic. When she lost that hope, she decided that she couldn’t live without him, so, decides to reunite with Enzo on the other side. Moreover, she wanted Damon to have the love of his life back. Although Bonnie dying would be pretty devastating but it would have given viewers the satisfaction of at least two couples who could live happily ever after- Bonnie and Enzo in the afterlife and Elena and Damon as humans.

5. Everybody Dies

Imagine the last scene to be somewhat like this. Everyone is trapped in Mystic falls in that magical fire. They all hold hands and after some heart-wrenching dialogue delivery, the fire ceases their existence altogether. They all were glad that they survived every situation together and die together only to reunite in a simple afterlife with no threats.

6. Everybody Lives

I bet this is everyone’s favorite! The vampire couple Stefan and Caroline go on their Honeymoon, the human couple- Damon and Elena get married, Enzo proposes to Bonnie during an adventurous trip and they all lived happily ever after.

The Vampire Diaries TheoriesSo, which of The Vampire Diaries theories is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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