Unknown Facts About Ben Affleck Batman Even The Biggest Fanatics Don’t Know


Ben Affleck who we all know as Batman was born on August 15, 1972. He is an amazing actor, producer, and director. He has won many awards that include academy awards, BAFTA Award, GOLDEN GLOBE AND MANY OTHERS. His career started as a child artist and starred in THE VOYAGE OF THE MIMI. Let us take a look at some less known facts about Ben Affleck Batman even the biggest fanatics don’t know much about.Ben Affleck Batman

Unknown Facts About Ben Affleck Batman 

1. Ben has some awful tattoos. Ben Affleck Batman after his breakup with Jennifer Garner got a tattoo which was a phoenix rising from the flames. But this is not all, to cover his high school girlfriends name he has a tattoo of a dolphin on his right hip. He also got a tattoo of barbed wire which he didn’t like and got roses imprinted over it to which he said he did not like roses either. Why go through so much trouble, Ben?

2. He has a sibling. Ben Affleck has a younger brother named Casey Affleck who is also an actor and is married to Summer Phoenix who is Joaquin Phoenix’s sister.

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3. He revealed his affair with Jennifer Lopez in a newspaper advertisement:-

Ben in 2002 in Hollywood reporter ad congratulated J.Lo on being named ShoWest’s Female Star of the Year. He signed off by saying and we quote –“I only wish I were lucky enough to be in all your movies … With love, respect and gratitude, Ben Affleck.”

4. They also starred in a movie together called “Gigli” which was a commercial flop and also the two of them won the worst actor and actress award for their work in the same.

5. Also Ben gave J.Lo a 6.1-carat diamond ring that she wore until the two parted ways due to extreme media coverage around their relationship.

6. He rewrote the Batman v Superman script while wearing a Batsuit. While he didn’t purposely put on what’s famously known as Ben Affleck Batman suit to get motivated during rewrite sessions, a source revealed that Ben was often seen working on the script while dressed as Batman.

Ben Affleck Batman7. Ben Affleck Batman got Matt Damon in the movie business. Ben and Damon met when Ben was 8 and Damon was just 8 years old and lived just two blocks away and attended the same high schools in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Affleck already had a few roles as a child star and it was him that introduced Matt Damon to his agent from New York who also agreed to sign Damon as well.

8. Batman Ben Affleck and Matt Damon while living with his best friend together wrote the script of “Good Will Hunting” hoping that they would star in the movie which eventually became true.

9. Ben and charity associations- A good-hearted person Ben Affleck is associated with more than 25 charities from GLAAD to Eastern Congo Initiative or ECI.

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10. Royal family connections- Not many people know that Ben Affleck is related distantly to sixteen U.S. presidents and also has distant family ties with Princess Diana.

11. Ben Affleck Batman workout has garnered a lot of attention from all across the globe. He is known to be a fitness fanatic, just like his character in this video-

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So, which of these facts about Ben Affleck Batman shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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