Unnoticed Mistakes In Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban


It won’t be wrong to say that Harry Potter is one of the most successful British-American Film series based on the books of the same name. However, there are some mistakes in the movie that many people didn’t notice. Here are 15 such mistakes in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban movie that you should take a look right away-

Unnoticed Mistakes In Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban

1. When Fudge is standing behind Harry’s chair, Harry asks, “Sirius Black, you mean?” At the top of the screen Fudge’s mouth moves as if he were saying, “Yes”, but nothing is heard.

2. At the hospital, after Potter fell off his broom as Hermione says “No one blames you, Harry,” you can see Ron standing behind her. At this time we can see the letter “H” on the cloth that is wrapped around the broom but later the letter “E” is visible instead.

3. The cobweb on the ceiling changes position between shots.

4. When Harry and Hermione go back in time and watch the Dementors attack, Hermione says, “You’re dying, Both of you”, her mouth is moving before the words are actually heard.

5. When Harry finally pets Buckbeak and the class and Hagrid are applauding, Ron says “Does he get to fly?” without moving his lips.

6. While watching the Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban movie online, you may have sidelined this mistake, but when you’ll watch it again, you’ll come across the real picture. At the Shrieking Shack, when Harry shouts, “Expelliarmus!” there is a nice close-up of Snape and it is obviously the stunt double flying backward onto the bed.

7. In many shots throughout the Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban full movie online, reflections of the reflector screen or studio/set lights can be noticed, in Harry’s glasses, as well as Professor Trelawny’s.

8. When Harry is on the Knight Bus, Stan Shunpike has acne on his neck that keeps changing. Sometimes there is a whitehead, and other times it’s just a red mark.

9. When Mr. Weasley is warning Harry about Black wanting to kill him, there is a jug in the background supposedly magical because it is serving the drinks by itself. On looking closely, you can observe the wire which held it up.

10. The Monster Book of Monsters lies on the bench near the edge of rug close to the fireplace when Harry walks towards it. But when the book chases him, the bench is near the center of the rug.

11. When Trelawny says “Look at the cup, tell me what you see” to Ron, the way Ron holds the cup changes between shots.

12. When Cornelius Fudge says, “Oh yes, indeed, indeed.” near the end of the movie, his mouth doesn’t move.

13. When Malfoy and his pals run away after being beaten up by the invisible Harry, Hermione and Ron stand quite far apart in a wide shot yet in the following closeup they are standing side by side.

14. After Potter opened the ‘Monster Book of Monsters’ he falls backward and climbs onto the bed. When the scene cuts we see him climbing up again.

15. The length and position of Harry’s scar, change considerably throughout the film.

So, are you shocked? Or did you already notice some of these Harry Potter movie mistakes before?

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If not, then watch the Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban movie again and let us know in the comments below whether you can notice the mistakes in Harry Potter and The prisoner of Azkaban mentioned here or not.

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