The Vampire Diaries Stars Who Have Appeared On Pretty Little Liars


In the CW and ABC Family, over the course of the past few years, the networks’ biggest shows The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, respectively have swapped quite a number of cast members. Maybe they are too talented to let go! Let us see how many of these talents have made their way from Mystic Falls to Rosewood. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out these new movies coming out in 2021. We are excited about them. Let’s know what you think.

Bianca Lawson (a.k.a. TVD’s Emily and PLL’s Maya)

bianca lawson

Bianca Lawson played the role of a powerful witch Emily. She was portrayed as Emily’s love interest Maya in Pretty little liars. Her roles in both the series were quite intriguing!

Claire Holt (a.k.a. TVD’s Rebekah and PLL’s Samara)

Claire HoltPrior to her appearance on The vampire Diaries TV series as an original vampire, she appeared in Pretty little liars as Samara, Emily’s love interest.

Nathaniel Buzolic (a.k.a. TVD’s Kol and PLL’s Dean)

Nathaniel BuzolicOne of the hottest original vampires from our beloved series The Vampire Diaries and Klaus’ fallen brother, Kol, has gone from dead vampire to Pretty Little Liars hottie Dean, who reportedly arrives in town to rescue Spencer Hastings from a drug problem. As much as his character is loathed in The Vampire Diaries, he mesmerizes the fans with his charming demeanor in Pretty Little Liars. The killer comes to the rescue!

Sterling Sulieman (a.k.a. TVD’s Harper and PLL’s “Nate”)

Sterling SuliemanHe wasn’t exactly a mainstay on either of the shows. He was killed off by John Gilbert on TVD and Emily on PLL but he definitely stirred the pot for our favorite characters.

Sean Faris (a.k.a. TVD’s Ben and PLL’s Officer Holbrook)

Sean FarisHe was minimally featured on The CW. Remember in The Vampire Diaries, Anna turned him into a bloodsucker? He also kidnapped Bonnie. Afterwards, he was killed by Stefen Salvatore. The end. Nothing more! In Pretty Little Liars he played the role of detective Holbrook who was investigating the murder of the late Wilden on the police force. His role was negative in both the series.

Torrey DeVitto (a.k.a. TVD’s Meredith and PLL’s Melissa)

Torrey DevittoWe learned to loathe her from her One Tree Hill days as Nanny Carrie, and that fire’s only further fueled every time she comes to Rosewood. She is indeed a mysterious character as far as Pretty Little Liars is concerned. Anything suspicious happens in Rosewood and the audience’s mind go straightaway to the super intelligent Melissa Hastings! This is the reason why we’re not exactly fans of Meredith Fell over in Mystic Falls even though she’s a doctor. Although she is a terrific actress!
This kind of cast crossover between our two favorite shows ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is a clear indication of how much the CW and ABC family finds them worthy and how much the fans enjoy watching them!

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