The Walking Dead Best Episodes That Never Get Old


The Walking Dead is an American television series that got us hooked from the very first episode. Here we give you The Walking Dead best episodes that never get old even if you watch them a million times.

Season 5, episode 3 “Four Walls and a Roof”:The Walking Dead Best Episodes

This episode occupies the top position when it comes to listing out The Walking Dead best episodes. The episode begins with Bob being caught by the cannibals, he is bitten and he realizes that they have eaten his one leg and yells the famous line “tainted meat”. Towards the end of the episode, we see Rick with his gang attack cannibals and Bob’s life ends because of the deadly bite.

Season 6, episode 2 “JSS”:The Walking Dead Best Episodes

This was one of the highest rated and one of the The Walking Dead best episodes. The show focuses on Enid’s backstory who eventually leaves the city in between this whole chaos. We find that Rick with his gang is competing against the walkers and reaching Alexandria only to find out that the city has been attacked by the wolves. Carol comes to the rescue; she even disguises herself as a Wolf so that she can kill the other gang members easily.

Season 1, episode 1, “Days Gone By”:The Walking Dead Best Episodes

No wonder this episode is nostalgic. The episode introduced the world of zombies to us with Rick’s eyes. Rick wakes up and finds himself in the post-apocalyptic world alone. He meets Morgan who explains what is going on, and how he refuses to kill his walker wife, which leaves you astonished. In search of his wife and son, Rick finds himself stuck in a military tank having zombies trying to reach out to him and how he finds the little hope of survival.

Season 4, episode 14 “ The Grove”:The Walking Dead Best Episodes

The episode shows how the human mind can change in such devastating circumstances. The interesting thing being none of this was written in the comics. Lizzie kills her own sister Mika, and Carol finally decides to eventually kill Lizzie as she was in an unstable state of mind.

Season 5, Episode 1 “ No Sanctuary”:The Walking Dead Best Episodes

The premiere episode of season 5 was one of The Walking Dead best episodes. The group of survivors gets back against the cannibal killers. Carol once again comes out to be the hero. Some of the main characters come close to die.

Season 3, episode 4 “Killer within’:The Walking Dead Best Episodes

This was a surprising episode for sure. Pregnant Lori goes into labor and dies while childbirth. Carl, his son shoots his own mother so that she doesn’t become a walker. The performance given by the actors was amazing, and the episode is definitely one of The Walking Dead best episodes.

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So, what do you think of these The Walking Dead best episodes? Let us know in the comments below.

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