We Were On a Break: Friends- Finally, We Know Whose Fault It Was and How!


“We were on a break!” This has been one of the most debated topics of the famous show FRIENDS, and now finally we have all the answers. A large portion of the people are not able to pick sides regarding this “We were on a break” incident but in this case, Ross is not at fault. Yes, you heard it right!We Were On a Break

Let’s just rewind into our recollections of FRIENDS (also check these surprising FRIENDS facts) and discover the appropriate response.

Ross is the one who was hopelessly charmed with Rachel from the minute he met her and on the opposite side Rachel more often than not, in the initial period of the relationship, mistreated Ross to a great extent. Ross around then wasn’t the most engaging person yet he was the one who actually loved Rachel.

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When Rachel ran out on her wedding and came to live with Monica, Ross being Ross felt a similar inclination which was covered somewhere inside him and began to like or rather cherish her again, however without letting her know. At that time he was recently divorced.

He helped her as much as he could and took good care of her even when Rachel wasn’t earning well.

Few episodes later, Rachel finally discovered how much Ross adored her by and acknowledged him in her life.

In the starting of a relationship, it is natural for most people to feel a little insecure and that is what happened to Ross. He was concerned about Rachel being too close to her co-worker Mark. Even though he went a little overboard with it, the suggestion of being “on a break” was a stupid one from Rachel’s end.

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She inevitably was not able to balance between her work and her relationship which prompted her telling Ross unmistakably that they should take a break from the relationship. Instead of calmly talking to Ross and trying to make him feel secure, she acted abruptly and escaped a minor setback in a relationship instead of actually dealing with it.

Furthermore, as we know how the story proceeds with Ross sleeping with another woman. He gives the explanation, “We were on a break!” and he is constantly slammed for it. But as a matter of fact, they were on a break!

One of the things most viewers forget to take into account is that as soon as Rachel announced this temporary breakup and Ross stepped out of the house, she received a call from Mark and invited him over! Yes, this was the guy Ross was already feeling insecure about, and she invited him to her apartment after announcing the famous “break!”

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What was Ross supposed to think? What is any guy supposed to think in this kind of a situation?We Were On a Break

Rachel also never made her needs clear and still pointed her finger at Ross for every mistake she made. She had commitment issues and was impatient. Maybe if she discussed their issues calmly with him, this “We were on a break” thing would have never happened.

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So, what do you think about “We were on a break?” Whose fault is it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. yes Rachel called it and if ross had not heard mark in the background hr would not have slept with the copy girl. totally agree with all of the written article. one if the worst episodes. i do not watch it.

  2. I actually think Ross is to blame. Sure, Rachel may not have been as kind as she should have been to Ross, but she was under the pressure of a brand new job, and Ross should have trusted her enough to understand that she wasn’t attracted to Mark. Also, who sleeps with a girl right after they break up with someone else? Ross hadn’t even broken up with her officially. Doesn’t he understand the meaning of the word BREAK?