What Caused The Zombie Outbreak In The Walking Dead: Top 5 Theories TWD Theories That Will Blow Your Mind


How the whole zombie outbreak started is one of the biggest mysteries of The Walking Dead? What led the zombie army to become a threat to Rick and his gang? There are some famous fan theories that give a deeper insight. Let us take a look at 5 best TVD fan theories about what caused the zombie outbreak in the Walking Dead!What Caused The Zombie Outbreak In The Walking Dead ..

1. It Was All Because Of Walter White

As weird as it sounds, there are many fans who believe that The Walking Dead exists in the same universe as Breaking Bad. There is enough evidence that suggests that the TWD heroes are in the same world as Walter White’s where he ran drugs. It is a possibility that it was a side effect of those drugs that caused the outbreak! Walter’s experimental meth brand created the first walkers. Glenn has a car of a similar model as Walter’s ride, one Daryl says something about purchasing drugs from a white guy who says ‘Bitch’ a lot! It sounds like a bit of a stretch but fans won’t mind a Bryan Cranston cameo in TWD finale.

2. Poisoned Water

This is one of those The Walking Dead Theories that has a lot of fascinating back up from evidence. During the episode that marked the opening of Fear the Walking Dead, a Reddit user paid really close attention. There is a great chance that the zombie outbreak originated in water. The pilot of FTWD showed us that the shots of water definitely signify something. Maybe, a waterborne virus was working its way!

3. Terrorism

As far as The Walking Dead is concerned, fans can dig into ample mythology. You can read tons of comics to gain more knowledge about the backstory. AMC compiled some webisodes to explore the show even further. One of the Reddit users found some very interesting insights that explained the source of the zombie outbreak. ‘Torn Apart’ shows a scene in which according to a survivor the walkers represent a plot of terrorism against America and this was a better way to kill innocent people that bombs.

Although, if this theory comes out to be true The Walking Dead will become one of the most directly political shows on T.V. What Caused The Zombie Outbreak In The Walking Dead? Right, it was terrorism.

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4. A Spore

It could have easily been a spore according to a Reddit user. The already existing zombies infect the living with a spore that takes over them and changes them after death. Although it is really similar to a horror video game ‘The Last of Us’, it is one of the best explanations out there for the zombie phenomenon.

5. A VirusWhat Caused The Zombie Outbreak In The Walking Dead ..

This is one of the most plausible theories out there that the root cause of the zombie outbreak was an airborne virus. The season 1 finale reveals that anyone, living or dead will be affected by it even if they are not bitten. When an infected person dies, he will become a walker anyway.

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So, which one of these theories is your favorite? What Caused The Zombie Outbreak In The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments below.

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