7 Reasons Why Daenerys Targaryen Will Never Sit On The Iron Throne: Who Will Win The Game Of Thrones?


Daenerys Targaryen has had one goal throughout Game of Thrones, to take back what is rightfully hers. For the past three centuries, House Targaryen has ruled the Seven Kingdoms until after Robert’s rebellion. Daenerys was forced to grow up in the East with her older brother Viserys. From the very beginning, Viserys believed he was the last dragon though we can tell from the pilot episode that it was Danny who had the blood of the Dragon. Six seasons have passed now and the mother of dragons has still yet to land on Westeros. She’s been conquering the slave cities in the East adding to her massive army in preparation for when she makes her journey west. But will all this prove to be worth anything? Who will win the game of thrones? Right now everybody is assuming that Daenerys will sit on the iron throne and Jon will destroy the White Walkers and everybody’s going to live happily ever after. Well, that doesn’t sound like Game of Thrones. Let us take a look at some reasons why Daenerys will never sit on the iron throne.

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Who will win the Game Of Thrones

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  1. Daenerys sitting on the iron throne is way too predictable. George R.R Martin is well known for the unpredictability in his writing.
  2. Remember her vision while she was in the house of the undying? She sees a destroyed throne room with snow all over the place. She then goes to touch the iron throne and backs away. Some people believe that the destroyed throne room indicates that Jon snow is going to be on the Iron Throne after Westeros is war-torn. Daenerys was looking really unsure in season two when she went to touch the Iron Throne. This could also mean by the time she gets to Westeros she’s not going to want the Iron Throne anymore.Who will win the Game Of Thrones
  3. Then Who will win the game of thrones? Jon has proven that he is a perfect ruler. So, most probably Daenerys will help Jon destroy the White Walkers and Jon will rule the Seven Kingdoms. So the answer to the question, who will win the game of thrones is Jon Snow.Who will win the Game Of Thrones
  4. The most common prediction that comes to mind when we come across the words ‘Ice and Fire’ is that Daenerys (fire) will sit on the iron throne, marry Jon (ice) and they will rule the seven kingdoms together. Jon is most likely to take is Targaryen name and marry Sansa, a stark. So this could be the Ice and Fire couple!
  5. Some would believe Daenerys chose this course of action on her own but what many people don’t know is she’s had someone guiding her every step of the way. Quaithe first appears in Qarth giving Daenerys a riddle- “To go north, you must journey south. To reach the west you must go east. To go forward, you must go back and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow.” Dany thought, “She would have me go to Asshai. Will the Asshaiis give me an army? Will there be gold for me? Will there be ships? What is there in Asshai that I will not find in Qarth?” “Truth!” said the woman in the mask and bowing, she faded back into the crowd. What truth what could be lurking beyond the shadow lands and why is it connected to Daenerys? I believe the answer is hiding in plain sight. Daenerys is solely focused on conquering Westeros and restoring her family’s long time reign. She wants to be queen more than anything else but the Quaithe is warning her that her true purpose in the world is something else.Who will win the Game Of Thrones
  6. In the book series, the Quaithe keeps reappearing in visions to Daenerys. She continues to talk in riddle and when the Targaryen queen begs for answers, Quaithe responds with this, “Daenerys, remember the undying. Remember who you are.”  This points to the idea that she isn’t supposed to be on Iron Throne.
  7. Daario Naharis once said to her, “You weren’t made to sit on a chair in a palace. You’re a conqueror, Daenerys Stormborn.” Maybe that was one of the biggest hints that she is not going to sit on the iron throne.

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So, what do you think of this Game Of Thrones Theory? Who will win the game of thrones? Will it be Daenerys or there is something bigger planned for her? Let us know in the comments below.

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