5 Reasons Why HIMYM Is Overrated: Thanks To How I Met Your Mother Fans


This show HIMYM revolved around the main character of Ted Mosby and his friends. It is an American sitcom that aired in March 2005 on CBS. It starts with the year 2030 when middle-aged Ted is telling his son and daughter about how he met their mother and his wife. The show became quite a hit. But not everybody loved it and the show disappointed quite a few people. Here we give you five reasons that prove that How I Met Your Mother was and is an overrated show, thanks to How I Met Your Mother fans:how i met your mother fans

The Characters on the show:

All of the characters on the show were mostly annoying and irritating. Like Ted was always whining and just feeling pity and sad for himself all the time. On the other hand, Barney was always busy treating women as things. Although we were supposed to laugh it off this wasn’t funny. It showed a darker side of the society and shouldn’t have been appreciated. Although Robin was an independent woman, she crossed a fine line between self-dependency and selfishness.

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The Finale:

The show’s Finale was a big disappointment of the whole series and made many people turn against it. The entire last season revolved around Robin and Barney’s wedding and just getting divorced right after. And this wasn’t the worst part, the show was about Ted finding his wife, and when he does the character is killed and Ted goes running back to Robin once again, I mean nine years for this, really?

The Kids:

We fail to understand why these kids were shown in every other episode. They keep sitting on this couch listening to their father for nine years about how he met their mother. Don’t they go to school or have some other work to do?

Jokes aren’t funny:

Sure Barney used to be funny in the first few seasons but not much after that. The jokes seemed boring and were repetitive. And who wants to listen to the same joke twice?

It Lacked A New Concept:

The fact that most How I Met Your Mother fans keep forgetting is that the show had an extreme level of similarity with the famous American series FRIENDS and everybody would agree on that. For example, it is a story about a group of friends living in New York City dealing with their lives. The characters had similarities too like Ross and Ted both geeky and stuck in boring jobs, Joey and Barney both womanizers, a couple that stays strong like that of Monica and Chandler and Lily and Marshall and not to forget the on again off couple Robin and Ted and Ross and Rachel.

how i met your mother fans

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What do all the How I Met Your Mother fans think about the above five points? Which of these reasons seems the strongest to you? Let us know in the comments below.