17 reasons why Joey Tribbiani from friends is one of the worst characters ever


Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS is one of the most liked and talked about characters of all times. He is crazy and funny most of the times but if you take a close look at his character you will find him the morally worst character of FRIENDS T.V. show. Here are some instances which prove that Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS is the worst character ever.

  1. He kept eating everyone’s food though he never shared his food with others.Joey Tribbiani from friends
  2. If you put something in the fridge, there are no assurances it will be there when you get back. Joey has a big appetite and no scruples about helping himself to whatever he finds in the fridge.
  3. Joey kept hitting on women throughout the series even when they were not at all interested. He basically treated women like objects.Joey Tribbiani from friends
  4. He’s a slob. An Italian mama’s boy, he’s really the last guy you should ask if you want a mess cleaned up.
  5. He even used Monica as a property in his love games. In season 1, he actually tried to break a couple up.
  6. In one of the episodes, he left Ross’s son (Ben) in the bus because he was talking to women. How can someone be so irresponsible?Joey Tribbiani from friends
  7. He kept body shaming people, especially the guy who lived across the street. He referred to him as the ugly Naked Guy. They all did.
  8. In one of the episodes, he chose to save a sandwich over his friend.
  9. Even though there was a situation of crisis in the group on Emma’s birthday but the only thing he cared about was cake.
  10. He used Chandler for his wealth and never repaid him. Have you ever loaned money to someone, knowing that they have absolutely no way to pay you back? Well, that’s going to happen again if you move in with Joey.
  11. In one of the episodes, he duped the others into seeing a play so that he could throw a party without involving his friends.
  12. He didn’t remember the names or even faces of the girls he had slept with.
  13. He decided to strip naked, the first time he saw Monica.
  14. In one of the episodes, he was telling his friends that he once threw a women’s wooden leg in a fire.
  15. He never cared when his friends wanted to help him with his career.
  16. None of his conversations ended without bragging about one or more of his sexual encounters.
  17. Ross and Joey admit that they wouldn’t bother being nice to a woman unless they wanted sex.

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  1. There was also that time where Ross and Rachel got that babysitter for Emma and all they asked was he stay clear of her so he wouldn’t complicate their relationship. What does he do? He still goes after her and complains that he has to now because Ross forbid him.