This Evidence Suggests Why Mass GOT Reunion Won’t Go Down Well Despite Jaime And Brienne Reunite In GOT S07E07


By this time in Game Of Thrones we know that Cersei is one of the worst characters ever introduced on T.V. In her irrational lust for power, she has committed crimes, inflicted atrocities on the innocent and the worst of all she practically provoked her youngest child Tommen to commit suicide. Clearly, the character is beyond redemption. 

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GOT season seven finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf,” promises one of the most dramatic stories for the main characters we’ve seen so far- the Lannister siblings, Jon Snow/Targaryen, Brienne of Tarth, Ser Jorah, Davos, and much more. This episode might have the potential to bring GOT penultimate season to an end in such a way that it makes the weak writing of season 7 penultimate episode seem insignificant in front of a major revelation.

Let us break down the dynamics of the meeting that the fans have been waiting for quite a long time now.Jaime And Brienne

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Cersei Vs. Everyone Else

Any of the two queens burning the opponent’s crowd seems quite unlikely at this point. Cersei still despises Tyrion, even though she knows that Olenna Tyrell was responsible for her eldest son Joffrey’s death. She surely hates the Starks and that will factor into her not exactly welcoming Jon with open arms. Theon Greyjoy is also part of the landing team, and it is essential to remember that Cersei’s would-be husband and Theon’s uncle Euron still holds Yara, captive. Also, we’ll have to see how Jaime And Brienne reunion will affect Cersei.

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Speculations About Cersei’s ActionsJaime And Brienne

Since the magnificent heroes have been successful in capturing the wight, Cersei will be shocked to see that. After the demonstration of how the wight is killed Cersei will definitely know that all the stories she heard as a child are true. Dragons, white walkers, and wights exist for real and they are the real enemies. She will eventually agree to help Dany and Jon in defeating the army of the dead.

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But is that how Cersei’s mind works? As it is evident from the season 6 finale, Cersei always has a secret master plan of screwing everyone over in the end. The same is going to happen this time. This is the situation of a war and here, promises mean nothing. She will eventually turn her back on Jon and Daenerys and let the army of the dead kill the north so she doesn’t have to do it herself.

Though Jaime is still loyal to Cersei, he has seen her evil deeds more than anyone else. Remember the look on his face when Cersei crowned herself?

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Jaime And Brienne ReunionJaime And Brienne

An encounter with Brienne of Tarth, who has always brought out the hidden good in Jaime Lannister and this Jaime And Brienne reunion could give him the final push to choose the correct path. It will give him the motivation to cross Cersei and even leave behind his incestuous unborn child.

Daenerys And Jon’s RelationshipJaime And Brienne

As if one incestuous couple wasn’t enough! After we saw sparks fly between Dany and apparently her nephew in GOT season 7 episode 6, this relationship is definitely going to the next level in Season 7 finale. Building on this aunt-nephew relationship it is possible that we get to see a few flashbacks featuring Jon’s true parents and how they got married.

Cersei Will Get What She DeservesJaime And Brienne

Although it’s not a sure thing that this will happen right away- most likely Cersei will have a miscarriage thus, losing her unborn child. This is bound to make the already mad queen go even crazier. She wouldn’t be able to survive the trauma and would eventually become deadlier. Can’t think of a deadlier version? Well, we will have to see!

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So, let’s see what Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale has to offer. What do you think will be the impact of Jaime And Brienne reunion? How far will Cersei go this time to sabotage her enemies? Let us know in the comments below.

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