Perfect 8 Reasons Why Most Fans Hated The Pretty Little Liars Finale To It’s Core


The Pretty Little Liars finale was a huge disappointment would be an understatement for fans who think that 7 years of their life got wasted. It left many loose ends. The burning questions that the showrunners promised to answer were left unanswered. This was bound to annoy the fans. And the reveal? Well, it was way too predictable. Let us take a look at some reasons why the Pretty Little Liars finale was one of the worst episodes ever.The Pretty Little Liars Finale

1. First and foremost, the reveal was way too predictable. I mean come on, the twin theory! Really Marlene? At least you could have had the courtesy to make one of the parents as the AD. Veronica wasn’t Spencer‘s real mother. It could have made so much sense and would have been shocking at the same time.

2. The direction of theĀ Pretty Little Liars finale was poor. Remember the time when Cece was revealed as A? Even though that one wasn’t up to the mark either, but at least fans were given an opportunity to experience the thrill of wondering who was underneath that black hoodie. The Cece reveal wasn’t interesting but the moment right before she was going to reveal her true face was spectacular. The finale couldn’t even build up a certain level of excitement.

3. Marlene once said that the big villain was in the pilot episode whereas during that time Alex didn’t even know who these people were.

4. We never got an explanation as to why Noel was so hellbent on ruining these girls’ life. He wasn’t related to Alex in any way nor shared some kind of friendship.

5. “I was first told at the beginning of season five. Marlene took me aside and told me, ‘I have an idea, but I don’t know if the network will let me do it…’ Then she sat me down and explained this whole ending to me. She said, ‘You cannot tell anybody. It might not even happen.’ So I sat on it for over a year. Then at the end of season six, she said, ‘We’re going to do it,'” Troian said. At this exact moment, Troian should have quit.

6. The explanation for Alex’s motives in the Pretty Little Liars finale was weak. Yes, we get it, she was jealous of Spencer that she didn’t get the desired childhood. But why torture other girls? Although Aria gave her opinion in the courtroom that she didn’t want Charlette out of Radley, Hanna and Emily were nowhere at fault.

7. Many Emison shippers are going to argue with this one but Emily and Alison were a bad idea from the beginning. Ali used her, practiced her kisses on her for the real thing, married a guy, and then finally when all that went to hell she went after poor Emily. It gave a really wrong message that its okay to take people for granted, toss them around like a toy and when you want to settle down just manipulate them into the whole idea.

8. Last, but not the least, they built up Wren’s character to put him on a necklace? Disappointment is indeed an understatement.The Pretty Little Liars Finale

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So, what do you think of the Pretty Little Liars Finale reveal? Let us know in the comments below.