Real Reason Why Pheobe And Joey Didn’t End Up Together On ‘FRIENDS’


It has been more than a decade since ‘Friends’ has been off air. The show gave a perfect fairy tale ending just like the viewers wanted. By the end of the series Ross and Rachel got back together and Monica and Chandler’s life was perfect with each other.

When asked about their favorite couple most of the fans go with Mondler. But there are a lot of fans who are still wondering why Joey ended up alone. Moreover, why not with Phoebe? They both were weird, carefree, naughty and knew how to live life to the fullest. Then why did the writers feel the need to introduce Mike? Although the chemistry between Mike and Phoebe was fantastic, Joey and Phoebe getting together make way more sense than any of other couples in the series.

Anyway, here is the answer to this questions and the real reasons why it wasn’t considered a good idea to pair up Pheobe and Joey.

1. Friendship between a guy and a girl doesn’t mean that it has to end up in a relationship. People need to understand that it is perfectly normal for two people of the opposite gender to be best friends. If two people have some things in common and love spending time together, it is not mandatory to give a romantic angle to that.

Pheobe And Joey In FRIENDS2. Casual flirting doesn’t pave way for future romance. Although Phoebe and Joey flirted on and off, they even kissed a few times on the show but this gives the message that even casual flirting doesn’t necessarily end up in a serious relationship. Sometimes you just want a momentary fun, not a commitment!

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3. One doesn’t have to find their life partner in their friend circle Everyone loves hanging out with friends but that doesn’t mean two friends are fit for spending their life together. They can be friends forever without actually ending up together.

Pheobe And Joey In FRIENDS4. Introducing Mike was a good thing. He was a unique character and gave us quite some laughs. Some of the Mike and Phoebe moments are even more amazing than the other two power couples of the show. Moreover, the way they met, their chemistry and after hearing their wedding vows it can be said that Mike could have been included in the main characters if he was introduced earlier.

Pheobe And Joey In FRIENDS

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5. There is a reason why the show is called ‘FRIENDS’ not ‘COUPLES’. If all six of them turned into three couples, it would have killed the essence of the show. It is not always getting things spiced up between two people. Sometimes it is just the everlasting bond of friendship that keeps them close.

Pheobe And Joey In FRIENDSI know some of you might not agree with the above mentioned reasons. So, do let us know your opinions about Pheobe And Joey in the comments below.


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