This Is The Wicked Plan of The Game Of Thrones Night King To Invade Westeros


We don’t have many shows like Game of Thrones. Its storyline, character buildup and fascinating surprises from time to time are what make it truly irreplicable in the world of entertainment. The moment when the Game Of Thrones Night King along with the army of the dead went past the Wall in the GOT season seven finale was definitely a crucial one. The long night has started now and in a true sense, winter has come.

It was known from the beginning that the last long night that had happened was quite frightening and after which Brandon had made this huge wall which acted as a barrier between the dead and the. Because of the wall, there was peace all around for thousands of years, but now everything is going to of thrones night king

The Game Of Thrones Night King along with his army of the dead is ready to destroy everything that will come in their paths. They will kill every living being and make them as a part of their army by raising them from the dead.

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The Game Of Thrones Night King wanted to come to Westeros but it was a mystery why he wanted to do so and why all of this was happening. Originally the Night King was a First Man who had been caught by Leaf, who was one of the children of the Forest, and afterward, he was transitioned into a White Walker to help them fight against the First Men.

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The Night King Game Of Thrones is definitely more than someone who wishes to kill every human that would come in his way. He is a person who can think, so he definitely knows what he has been doing and what he wants to do next. He has an agenda. 

He has come with a motive to Westeros. One of the Game of Thrones theories that explain what his true motives could really be is that the Night King wanted to come to Westeros as he wants to reach a lake named God’s Eye. While everyone is distracted fighting a war with the rest of his army, he will invade of thrones night king

People who have read the books are aware that God’s Eye Lake was the place where the Children of Forest would make a pact with the First Men so as to stop the creation of the White Walkers. There is an island in the center of the lake called the Isle of Faces which has been known to have magical powers for a long time.

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The best ever way to reach the Lake will be to pass Eastwatch. Once he is there with his army he could be brought back to life and this is the real reason why he wants to invade of thrones night king

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