Worst Breaking Bad Characters Ever That Were Awful To Watch


Breaking Bad is an American crime drama television series which was created and developed by Vince Gilligan. For first five seasons, the show aired on AMC network. It’s a story about Walter White who is a struggling chemistry high school teacher who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. So he starts producing and selling meth with his former student Jesse Pinkman to secure his family’s financial condition before he dies. In this journey, he exposes himself to many wrongful doings. Along with Walter, there were many other characters who more or less did the same. Here we present to you the list of some of these worst Breaking Bad characters who committed heinous crimes on screen.

Todd AlquistBreaking Bad Characters

The first name on this list of top awful Breaking Bad characters is Todd Alquist. He is as morally complex as anyone can be. He’s pretty much a character who wants everything for himself. He is eager to learn when given an opportunity by Walt and obedient. When Jesse starts to distance from Walter he becomes unsure about Walt and starts to lose interest in working with him even after the profits that he earn with this.

The hideous crime that Todd commits is when Walt says that no one can find out about train heist he is planning with Mike, Todd, and Jesse. Todd without even thinking just kills an innocent teenage boy who happens to be driving his four-wheeler and stops just to say hi and waves at them. He shoots him dead and we hear Jesse in the background screaming. He is clearly one of the worst Breaking Bad characters ever!

Gustavo FringBreaking Bad Characters

Gus appears a lot like White in the beginning just a friendly professional businessman. Who is very selective about who he works with, extremely practical and supports his community. His actual character comes across when we see Walter trying to test his patience.

One of the most shocking incidents is shown when he ruthlessly murders victor and ends his life for no clear reasons and how victor’s loyalties meant absolutely nothing to him. He does this in front of Jesse and Walt to send out a clear message.

Walter WhiteBreaking Bad Characters

You cannot leave Walter White away whenever there is a talk of awful Breaking Bad characters. He goes through an amazing transformation from the starting till towards the end. When the first season stars we don’t see him as a bad person or have ill feelings for. We actually have pity on him or even sympathies.

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But everything changes as he sees Jesse’s girlfriend die in front of him and he does absolutely nothing even after knowing how she was an important person in Jesse’s life and how he had been loyal to him.

Walter becomes a greedy, selfish and a cold-hearted man from what we first saw at the beginning and this happens gradually. He also becomes unintentionally responsible for Hank’s death which is terrible and unforgivable.

Saul GoodmanBreaking Bad Characters

The fact that this guy does not have any emotions in him at all makes him one of the worst Breaking Bad characters of all time. He is greedy and coward. Although he himself doesn’t take part in much of the criminal activities himself, he has no hesitation in suggesting them to character’s that he is involved with who are capable of such acts. He takes advantage of other people’s emotions for his own benefit. Even in the whole series, we don’t find him have a personal relationship apart from the clients who are as evil as him.

Jack WelkerBreaking Bad Characters

Jack is just as awful as any other character. Jack with his nephew Todd and the rest of the gang clearly represent Walt’s transformation to a soulless creature who just orders them to kill anybody who is a threat to their empire. Jack is raw and just like any other criminal. He is absolutely cheap and low-class. He murders Hank cold-bloodedly.

Jesse PinkmanBreaking Bad Characters

The last name on this list of awful Breaking Bad characters is of Jesse Pinkman. When the show begins Jesse’s character is portrayed as a typical drug dealer. An unmotivated adult committing a crime and taking bad decisions one after the other. He is continuously blackmailed by Walter to take life risks and deal with dangers of the business while he is safe.

The worst thing that Jesse did was murdering Gale and everyone would agree to this. Although he did this just to save Walter’s life.

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So which of these Breaking Bad characters do you think is the worst? Let us know in the comments below.