Worst characters Pretty Little Liars ever introduced


In Pretty Little Liars, characters come and go. There are some characters who have made the fans hate their guts. Hats off to the actors, though. It’s the show that has been the bane of many lives for years now. Here is a list of 10 Worst characters Pretty Little Liars introduced so far. Let us take a look at them.

  1. Alison DiLaurentis

    Characters Pretty Little Liars

Like Lucas once said- “Dying doesn’t make you a saint”. She may have some awesome explanation for the reason she’s not being completely honest with the others. The Liars have sacrificed so much for Alison. They stood by her when no one else would. The least she could do is tell them the whole truth. She just uses people as her pawns and when her work is done she tosses them away like garbage.

  1. Talia

    Characters Pretty Little Liars

We suppose Talia helped Emily (Shay Mitchell) realize, even if she still loves Paige (Lindsey Shaw), she doesn’t have to put her love life on hold. Also, there was that time she tried to blackmail a beauty pageant judge into giving Emily money. But, on the whole, Talia was kind of a useless character. She lied both to her husband and Emily. That wasn’t acceptable at all.

  1. Tom Marin

    Characters Pretty Little Liars

He didn’t trust Hanna and chose his step-daughter over her real daughter. He was never really concerned about Hanna. To sum up, he was a terrible dad.

  1. Sydney Driscoll

    Characters Pretty Little Liars

To this point in Pretty Little Liars, we haven’t understood the need to introduce this useless character anyway. She befriended Emily and Paige under the guise of looking for swimming help, only to be later revealed as a companion of Jenna’s.

  1. Jonny Raymond

    Characters Pretty Little Liars

He basically just hung around for a short period of time that mostly consisted of pretending to be cooler than Spencer. The reason behind introducing this silly character is in fact, a bigger mystery than who is A.D.

  1. Noel Kahn

    Characters Pretty Little Liars

He helped Charlotte terrorize the girls in the doll-house. Nothing more has to be said beyond this as we all know what the poor little liars went through. Is he a rich kid who dated Aria, a bad-boy who dated Mona, a creeper who dated Jenna, or a psycho that helped Ali? We’ll never know who the true Noel Kahn is. It was almost pleasing to watch his character brutally killed off in the most gruesome possible way.

  1. Darren Wilden

    Characters Pretty Little Liars

What annoys me the most about Detective Wilden is that he was supposed to be one of the good guys. You’re supposed to be able to trust the police. Wilden did nothing but scare, intimidate and deceive the girls.

  1. Sara Harvey

    Characters Pretty Little Liars

She was as pointless as Sydney Driscoll and Jonny Raymond in PLL. We still don’t know why she was introduced. She betrayed our precious Emily. We all loved watching Emily punch her.

  1. Pam Fields

    Characters Pretty Little Liars

She is super judgmental and controlling and wasn’t supportive of Emily when she came out. She was basically angry at Emily for being who she was. Someone has to buy her a book on parenting methods.

  1. Meredith Sorenson

    Characters Pretty Little Liars

Nobody likes a home-wrecker. How dare she make Ella Montgomery sad? Moreover, instead of admitting her mistake, she tried to break Aria’s parents again when she came back.

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So, which of the above worst characters Pretty Little Liars introduced do you dislike the most? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. What pisses me off with this article is that Alison DiLaurentis has CHARACTER to her. The four other Liars are nothing but sandbags. They have not really had much development as opposed to Ali. The only reason why you don’t like her is because of how bitchy she was in seasons 1-5. Is that it? Really? She is the REASON for this show. Without her, it wouldn’t be Pretty Little Liars at all. I would suggest that you change that spot for another character because you’ll might receive backlash for it. It may be YOUR opinion, but think over it. Putting a character on a “worst characters” list just because you don’t like them is ridiculous. Alison DiLaurentis is one of the BEST characters on the show, up there with Mona. Case closed.