Worst Couples of How I Met Your Mother & Why You Should Hate Them


How I Met Your Mother took over from Friends as the fabulous sitcom about young New Yorkers navigating through life and love in the big city. It made us laugh and cry for almost a decade. There are couples we love, but there are also relationships that are almost unbearable. Here is a list of 5 worst couples of How I Met Your Mother-

1. Ted and Zoey

Worst Couples of How I Met Your MotherThey were practically enemies. Zoey Pierson was Ted’s love interest during Season 6. They meet outside of The Arcadian. GNB was planning on knocking down the Arcadian to build GNB’s new headquarters. Unfortunately, Zoey was standing in the way of Ted’s plans. Anyway, Ted fell for Zoey and made the decision to help her save the building. Apparently afterward, Ted changed his mind about knocking down the Arcadian. That pretty much ruined Ted and Zoey’s relationship. Moreover, the way it ended made fans hate Zoey’s guts. Poor Ted.

2. Ted and Karen

Worst Couples of How I Met Your MotherKaren is Ted’s evil ex-girlfriend that continues to torment him throughout his entire love life. Karen represents that first immature love who, no matter how badly treats Ted, he can’t let go of. She cheated on him. In the end, Karen is absolutely the worst. Marshall said it the best, “Karen is a douche.”

3. Ted and Jeanette

Worst Couples of How I Met Your MotherLet us all admit! She was a crazy stalker! Any slight hint of positivity was completely overshadowed by the fact she ended up destroying all of Ted’s stuff. She destroyed his adorable red cowboy boots. Nothing more has to be said.

4. Ted and Stella

Worst Couples of How I Met Your MotherFirst of all, they had a lovely time together. What makes Stella the worst is not the fact that she left him at the alter, although that was pretty ruthless. The thing that makes fans hate her is ‘THE WEDDING BRIDE.’ Does this name ring a bell? I thought Ted and Stella ended up on good terms when Teddy Westside helped her reunite with her soulmate Tony despite what she did to him. Still, Stella let Tony make the stupid movie insulting Ted in every possible way.

5. Ted and Robin

Worst Couples of How I Met Your MotherNow, this is highly debatable, but in my opinion, Ted and Robin were the worst couples from the start. Ted cheated on the adorable Victoria the day he decided to get together with Robin. So, the relationship was built on a faulty foundation. Moreover, Ted was never on Robin’s top priority list. It is one thing to be ambitious; it is entirely different to drag a person along when you know it is never gonna go any further. The show writers planned way too ahead. They knew they had to end up with Ted and Robin getting back together, so they even ignored the fact that they have already shown a way more awesome couple- Barney and Robin. After nine years of asking the audience to care about the identity of the woman in the title and after introducing the most adorable of all- Tracy the sudden about-face was utterly enraging. After all, Ted and Robin are no Ross and Rachel!

So which of these worst couples of How I Met Your Mother do you hate the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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