Top 8 Worst FRIENDS Couples Ever You Should Check Right Away


Although the show is named ‘FRIENDS,’ it is a lot about relationships as well. Over the years, all six friends dated a lot of people and gave us some of the funniest FRIENDS episodes. Some couples, we thought, were meant to be like Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler and some more. But there were also some couples who were nearly intolerable to watch even for a few episodes. Here is a list of 8 such worst FRIENDS couples ever-

Ross and Jill

worst FRIENDS couples everOn this list of worst FRIENDS couples ever, Ross & Jill are placed at the first spot. Jill was Rachel’s bratty little sister who’s used to always getting what she wants. When Rachel tells her, she can’t have Ross, that makes her want her sister’s ex even more. The set-up is really awkward and irritating. The lack of chemistry between Ross and Jill made it all the more difficult to watch.

Rachel and Barry

worst FRIENDS couples everThe second place among the worst FRIENDS couples ever goes to Rachel and Barry. That was a good thing, Rachel left Barry at the altar. It turns out he was cheating on her with her maid of honor and best friend, Mindy!

Chandler and Joanna (Rachel’s Boss)

worst FRIENDS couples everWhen Chandler hooks up with Rachel’s boss Joanna, he realized there was no chemistry between them. Joanna might have thought that they clicked, but Chandler didn’t, and neither did the audience.

Monica and Timothy

worst FRIENDS couples everMonica and Timothy flirted for a while with the idea of starting a relationship. Unfortunately, there were two weird issues. First, Monica had dated Timothy’s dad, Richard. Second, Monica reminded Timothy of his mom. Thank god it ended before things could get weirder.

Joey and Janine

worst FRIENDS couples everOne of the women Joey had to work hard to get was his Australian roommate Janine. They lacked the kind of chemistry needed to make a believable couple, even in the short term. Moreover, she didn’t like Monica or Chandler, so she had to go.

Joey and Charlie

worst FRIENDS couples everThey were way too different people. Charlie was indeed an awkward match for Joey. Also, they lacked the chemistry needed to make any sort of sparks on screen.

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Chandler and Janice

worst FRIENDS couples everIt’s surprising that Chandler dated Janice for so long. Half of the time he couldn’t stand her at all. The relationship finally ended when Janice returned to her ex-husband. Thank God!

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Phoebe and David

worst FRIENDS couples everThe last two among the worst FRIENDS couples ever are David and Phoebe. David was one of the guys who actually “got” Phoebe. She loved him too. But when it came down to choosing her or his work in Minsk, he picked his work over her. Apparently, he didn’t love her enough to stay with her. He returned seasons later, but Phoebe moved on with Mike, and fans got to see some amazing Phoebe Buffay best moments on FRIENDS.

Is there anyone else who should also be named among the worst FRIENDS couples ever. Let us know in the comments below.

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