Check Out These Worst Prison Break Characters Who Almost Ruined The Show


Prison Break is an American drama series which premiered in the year 2005. The storyline is about two brothers. One of the brothers is given a death sentence and the younger brother tries to save him by breaking into the prison. Even though we got to watch some amazing Prison Break seasons over the years, there were some characters who almost ruined it. Here we list out the worst Prison Break characters who should be blamed for it.

Donald Self:Prison Break Characters

This agent of the homeland security is the shadiest and one of the worst Prison Break characters we have ever seen. He came as the guy who is helpful and trustworthy but he was just the extreme opposite.

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 T-Bag:Prison Break Characters

No doubt he is one of the worst criminals as well as one of the worst Prison Break characters. He never cares about his victims and is hated by everyone. He is the most horrible and unpleasant villains in the television history. His character has his own story plot in the second season.

LJ (Marshall Allman):

Prison Break characters

He was basically just a whiny teenager who was pretty irritating most of the times. He was never a delight to the show in any way.

Christina Scofield:Prison Break Characters

She is just a cold-hearted woman. She tries to kill her son Michael who was stuck and gets killed herself by Sara. Her daughter Emily. She helps Sara in The Final Break episode.

Paul Kellerman:Prison Break Characters

He was one of the characters who had the biggest transformations. He is a bad guy and the one who made sure that Lincoln was framed for murder although he does end up helping the runaway prisoners later on.

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Wyatt Mathewson:Prison Break Characters

He is a cruel and a ruthless human being. He is the murderer who kills Mahone’s son and many others. No doubt, he is one of the worst Prison Break characters.

Haywire:Prison Break Characters

He is an absolutely crazy guy. He had one of the worst deaths in the entire series. Given that he had something off in him he was the only person who understood the meaning of the half-burned tattoo of Michael. He finally kills himself after murdering a teenager’s stepdad when he is cornered by Mahone.

James Whistler:

He was the reason behind why Michael was in Sona as the company wanted him there and wanted James out. His character was quiet dappled. His death was totally unexpected and sudden.

Alexander Mahone:Prison Break Characters

This guy has a mysterious past and for the most time, we just don’t like him. He cannot be trusted at all and even when he does seem to be helpful there is something wrong and just seems to be unreal.

The General:Prison Break Characters

How can we forget him! He is on the top of the organization. He finally ends up sitting in the electric chair just like he intended for Lincoln in the beginning.

So, these were our top ten picks for the worst Prison Break characters. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to check this list of the best Prison Break characters who took it upon themselves to make Prison Break one of the best TV shows ever produced in the world.

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