10 Worst Romantic Movies of All Times Ever Made In Hollywood


The pitch- perfect romance is indeed a thing of beauty. Your heart lifts, your eyes tear up while there is a grin on your face. But there are some movies that have twisted the original concept of a romance and taken it to an unbearable level. Here is a list of the ten worst romantic movies ever made in Hollywood!


worst romantic moviesThe first movie on this list of worst romantic movies is Valentine’s Day. Think of it as the anti-Love. Instead of charming us with multiple, intertwining love stories, this overdose of sweetness sends us searching for an insulin shot. Director Garry Marshall gathers a celebrity-studded cast including Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper, but the fictitious characters and stale dialogue make Valentine’s Day the least appealing of all.


worst romantic moviesShe is traumatized by a past relationship with a man who lived with his parents. He still lives with his parents because he is devastated by the death of his ex. What a perfect match!


worst romantic moviesAnother movie featuring on this list of worst romantic movies is Good Luck Chuck. Starring Dane Cook is enough to convince you that Chuck sucks! It features the “funnyman” as a dude with a curse—every woman Chuck meets finds true love with the next guy she dates. When Chuck falls for a penguin expert (Jessica Alba), can he finally reverse the curse? Who cares when the storyline sucks to this extent?


worst romantic moviesSandy (Catherine Zeta-Jones) rebounds back from her divorce by dating a man 15 years younger. It’s not the age difference that kills it; it’s her complete lack of chemistry with Aram (Justin Bartha).


worst romantic moviesLong before Britney Spears took to X Factor, she hit the highway in this road-trip retread ride. The MTV diva makes her big-screen debut as Lucy, a virginal valedictorian who drives cross-country with two gal pals and cutie ex-convict Ben (Anson Mount). Lucy-Ben romance blooms, songs are performed, and teenage dreams are pursued, but Crossroads crashes and burns at every expected turn. So lame!


worst romantic moviesNo list of worst romantic movies can be prepared without having ‘The Switch’ in it. Apparently, contaminating sperm intended for your best friend’s insemination and secretly fathering the child yourself, does that even make any sense?


worst romantic moviesNick (Josh Duhamel) falls for Beth (Kristen Bell). Although she’s convinced, it’s just a love spell. Girl, what world are you living in? Get over it!


worst romantic moviesNew Year’s Eve is one of the worst romantic movies. This is the kind of a movie which jam-packs a dozen couples into a single film, and yet you don’t find yourself rooting for any of them. Good going!


worst romantic moviesOnly fools rush in to see this lame romance. Matthew Mc Conaughey and Kate Hudson play an estranged, treasure-hunting couple! Oh sure, both actors are gorgeous and show plenty of bronzed skin, but all that glitters is worthless considering the lameness of the movie.


worst romantic moviesThe last name on this list of worst romantic movies of all times is ‘The Love Guru.’ You know a movie’s doomed when characters have names like Dick Pants. Mike Myers hits bottom with this barrel-scraping dud about, a fame-craving mystic who counsels clients (including Jessica Alba) about self-help and spirituality. Do yourself a favor by avoiding this toxic and gross-out gags. No love for the Love Guru!

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So which one of these worst romantic movies ever made in Hollywood is your least favorite? Let us know in the comments below.