Worst Salman Khan movies of all time that you will regret watching


Salman Khan ranks as one of Indian cinema’s leading actors and with a lot of hit films under his belt to boast. With a career spanning more than 25 years, Salman has established himself as not only an actor but as a producer, a television presenter and a philanthropist who has been involved in several charities since rising to fame. However, the actor has also been a part of several films that failed to impress critics and turned out to be box office disasters. Let us take a look at these worst Salman Khan movies of all time that you will regret watching.

YuvvraajSalman Khan movies

The audience had great expectations from this movie, especially because of the famous actors & directors, but it was really disappointing. The screenplay was not at all good. The concept of the whole story was fine but the narration was not up to the mark. The music was also a disaster. The average performance of Salman Khan, he was good initially but later on he turned out to be boring. Overall Yuvraaj is a disappointing film.

AuzaarSalman Khan movies

Everything in the movie is pure nonsense. The film could have been better. It was Sohail Khan’s directorial debut film but didn’t work. The film is an overdose of comedy scenes, songs and fight scenes. Overall, it is an average movie.

Tumko Na Bhool PaayengeSalman Khan movies

Before the interval, the film is quite simple but after the interval, it is fast paced. Action scenes are very well choreographed and intelligently performed, but songs looked forcefully placed, strongly needed editing for more impact. Communication between Salman Khan and Diya Mirza is bad, in fact, there is no consistency in the dialect. It fluctuates between Punjabi and Rajasthani. The storyline is quite interesting but the movie does not offer anything incredibly special.

Lucky: No Time for LoveSalman Khan movies

Although the movie had some beautiful locations and scenes, overall the acting is bad and the story is also of no sense. It is full of holes, it goes nowhere except for pointless running around, and the seasons change from early summer to midwinter seemingly overnight. Salman Khan acts well, but the female lead acts expressionless much of the time, and there are comedy scenes introduced unnecessarily. Overall, nice start…..but the movie is not appealing at all.

God Tussi Great HoSalman Khan movies

God Tussi Great Ho was declared among the top flop movies at the Box Office. The story is basically a copy of a Hollywood movie Bruce Almighty. It is about a man (Salman) who complains to God that a lot of bad things that happen in his life and God gives Salman the powers to run the world for ten days to do what he thinks good for all, in order to teach him a lesson. The movie had a lot of jokes. Salman Khan overacted a lot and it was difficult not to him with Jim Carry. The movie could have been more enjoyable.

So, which of the above Salman Khan movies do you hate the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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