Worst Stranger Things Episodes That Were Absolutely Worthless To Watch


There is no doubt about it that Stranger Things is one of the most entertaining Hollywood TV shows we have seen, but like any other television series, it has its own set of flaws that we were disappointed to see. Here we list out the worst Stranger Things episodes that were absolutely worthless to watch.

Worst Stranger Things Episodes You Should Avoid:

Stranger Things Episode

The Lost Sister – Stranger Things Season 2:

This is by far one of the worst Stranger things episodes we have seen. It has the least interesting storyline. All the events take place in one single place and with a very few characters. Kali is introduced as 011, where the other 10 are is the question. The episode was just not necessary and could have been avoided.

The Flea and the Acrobat – Stranger Things Season 1:

This episode is one of the least interesting Stranger things episodes in the first season. The episode shows Nancy and Jonathan’s first-time visit to the Upside Down. There is some kind of disconnect from the audiences in this episode. In the railroad track scene, the closeness of the railroad and the target practice scene between Jonathan and Nance is a visual joke.

Dig Dug – Stranger Things Season 2:

This was just one of the most poorly directed Stranger things episodes, just filled with really cheap and bad jokes all through. The only good points being Lucas’s adventures. The Sinclair family is not given much attention. Jim somehow survives the tunnels but that just doesn’t make the show any interesting.

The Spy – Stranger Things Season 2:

This episode greatly lacks the emotional side. Will is definitely changing into something worse.  The episode just seemed to be dragged and just can be skipped.

Holly, Jolly – Stranger Things Season 1:

This episode just picks up a little bit of pace towards the end, but at the beginning, it is just boring and seems like being dragged. Joyce starts to think that his son is talking to her through the light bulbs. Lucas and Dustin find Will.

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The main plot just doesn’t seem to develop much. Also, Eleven’s character has nothing much to do and she does not appear very exciting or real. And that’s not all, how can we forget Nancy whose plot is also one of the weakest? It doesn’t connect with everything else that is going on in the show.

Will the Wise – Stranger Things Season 2:

Will just becomes creepier as the show goes by. Hopper discovers a network of tunnels. Dustin is just stupid to bring a weird creature with him who eats his cat. It is so cringeworthy to even look at this episode. The show was better off without it.

Stranger Things Episodes

So, these were the worst Stranger Things episodes that were absolutely worthless to watch.

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